Makeup Organization Take 2

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Codilyn said...

After years of coveting your vanity my wonderful hubby got me my own and I am in LOVE!! I now have a neat little place for almost all of my makeup and a place that's my own little makeup heaven. Vanities forever!!

Becky said...

I love seeing how people store their stuff. I don't have a vanity but I have storage containers like you do, love them!

As for your cleaner 'recipe, I loooooove it and it's all I use now. I'm sure you've mentioned this like 5 million times but do you deep clean your brushes every day? I've been doing that and am wondering what you do. I've tried just spraying on like a washcloth and wiping back and forth but I don't feel like my brush is totally free of shadow since I use a lot of dark or bold colors. It seems to work ok for face brushes though for a couple of days.