Brittany from Population 250 was sweet enough to want to do a spotlight on yours truly. I love Brittany! She is kind, thoughtful and really does what she can for the fashion diva inside all of us that is looking for a good deal. Check out the spotlight here (insert bashful blush...in a GREAT shade of pink LOL)!!!

You can often find me at Blue Cricket Design where I feature tips and tricks as BCD Beauty Guru. Becca is the fantastic editor of this amazing site. She is current, relative and very sought after. She brings the best of the BeSt to you for DIY projects and recipes that are making my mouth water at this very moment.
This next one is a bit different but here goes =). A recipe that I live and DIE by was featured on Tasha Brown's Beauty Blog. It is the scrumptious Monte Cristo Sandwich even BETTER than the one at Disneyland!!! Yeah, I said it.

I was interviewed by Utah Fashion and featured as a fashion blogger for their site. Check out my interview here and my Smokey Yellow Eye here.