Face Routine and Were It In Color

Here's a video before I start the actual "look". Just some products that I have been trying out.
Here's the tutorial. Another in our series of "were It In Color" thanks to Michelle for the request! It's Zooey Deschanel with a fun flirty smokey eye.


Dara Lynn said...

Thanks soooo much Jen for addressing the issue of not so perfect skin...ps I just found out ...rosecea was my issue! Love love the smoky eye! When you first started I was like...how is she going to make this work?? and wow!!! She does have that Katy Perry look!!! Great vlogs tonight!

Brook said...

Loved the blue!!!

Afton's mommy said...

Loved it! Is it ridiculous that I jumped up and down for joy (on our couch) when I saw my name on your blog & tutorial? I was quickly reminded that we don't jump on the furniture...by our 6yr old. I'm such a dork. :)


Jen said...

Hahahahaaaaaaa Michelle, I LoVe it!!! Jump all you want sister!!! =D