AM 590 Tips Cosmetics Brushes

Cosmetics brushes can make or break your look but they can be pricey when purchased at department stores. Well never fear!!!! You can buy duplicate craft store brushes made from the same natural fibers (goat hair) as you will find at MAC. Here is a list of ones I use EvErYday:

Maxine's Mop (by Loew Cornell) 3/8" is a duplicate for MAC's #239 brush. The 239 is $24.50 and the Maxine's Mop is $3.95. What a STEAL right??? Right now till June 20th if you click here you can get it for $2.77 and even enter the code DAD1 and get 10% off your entire order!!!!! This also applies for the Maxine's Mini Mop, the 1/2" and 1" Mops. Love them all!!! I even got mine signed by Maxine...yeah, I'm a nerd =).

This is the Loew Cornell 1/4" Rose Petal Brush. I use this for my eyebrows and couldn't AdOrE it more!!! You can buy it in stores for around $5.00 but click here to get it for $3.09!!!

You can click on that most recent link to also find these great Loew Cornell brushes for powder and blush needs. The XXL Round Mop at $10.25 (on sale at the second link for $6.15) compares to MAC's #150 which will run you $42. For blush, MAC has the #129 at $34 but good 'ole Loew Cornell comes through with the Large Round Mop at $7.89 (on sale at the second link for $4.73).

Now this next one is also one of my all time FAVS as this is what I use EvErYday for my liquid last liner from MAC. This is the Loew Cornell 1/8" Angular Shader brush. In stores for $5.79, but here for $2.90.

There are also some great brush sets that can be found at the Coastal Scents site. This 13 piece set is only $16.95 and got a 4 out of 5 star rating.

At Target I LOVE the Sonia Kashuk line, especially this brush which I mostly use for cream blush application. It was $14.99 and worth every penny!!!

I want to stress that there are cheap brushes everywhere but with most, you get what you pay for. These I have used, tested and reviewed and have found them to be worthy of notice. I haven't had ANY bristles fall out (HUGE pet peeve!) and they all blend really well. I recommend them and hope to hear how you liked them as well.


Aaron Kunz said...

Jen, it was great meeting you. The audio of the show is up on the AM Idaho blog. Hope to see you again soon.

Melodi said...

FYI Mac has brush sets again for $49. They have one for the eyes and one for the face. They look really awesome!!!