Givenchy...Color Me Colorful!

Givenchy just came out with an amazing line to break through the icy winter that we have been enduring. Look at those warm oranges melting under her eyes into the pink blush. I think it is so fresh and makes me want to have summer sunny days right NOW!!! For those of you with blue and green eyes these hues would be fanTASTIC on you. Am I asking you to sport them down the grocery aisle in the exact way you see them below? No, but try them...pretty please??? Step outside that comfort zone and apply a coral lightly to those cheeks and just "swish" some on your lids. You will LOVE it!!!
 Here is more from the collection:
 Blush Gelée in Candide Pink
 Le Prisme Eye Quad in Candide Garden
 Magic Khôl Eyeliner in Coffee 15
 Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Candide Tangerine 50
 Rouge Inerdit Shine Lipstick in Candide Nude 27
 Gloss Interdit in Candide Tanderine 30,
 Vernis Please in Candide Peach 173
Re-promoted items from the permanent collection 


Dara Lynn said...

I looooove tangerines and pinks!!!!! Blue and green eyes can certainly rock this look! Thanks girlie for the heads up!

Codilyn said...

So I did this look today in 5 min. and using only my fingertips (no brushes), and I must say... I really liked it! Perfect for the upcoming spring weather!

Jen said...

Ooooh Code send PICS!!!!! =)