CCPC DAY 31- Twinning

“How do you do and shake hands, shake hands”.....oh no you DINT!!!!!! I loooove to Disneybound and felt what a better bound for twinning day than the Tweedles???
What a crazy time we live in right now eh? I feel like all of us are in Wonderland trying to find our way out...but all ways are Corona’s ways. I hope that each of us are journaling at least a bit to share with future generations what this felt like. What hardships, miracles, frustrations and triumphs we felt as a world, country, nation, and family.

Social distancing is both easy and hard for me. I love being home, organizing, gardening, watching movies, eating, playing board games etc. another part of me wants to go hug my family and friends, go out to dinner with the girls, go to the Thanksgiving Point gardens (one of my fave places).
One day things will return to normal. One day we won’t remember exactly how this felt. One day, we’ll think about it and either laugh, cry, or buy another pack of TP juuuuust in case 😂🙈🙅🏻‍♀️.

I have loved doing this photo challenge but I’m very ready for it to be over as well. I can say that right? It’s inspired a lot of creativity and it’s let me get to know so many of you on a deeper level (my biggest hope), but I may have made it for too long. And it maaay not have happened at the best time 😅. 

I want you to know I love my interactions with you. I get giddy about having things in common with you (it helps me feel like I’m not alone and that you have good taste 😂). I love hearing your stories and learning about your families. You have become apart of mine. The more you comment and DM me, the more I feel like we are friends and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I hope you are safe, happy and healthy. But I also hope you are going through enough hard times, like we are, to grow and to appreciate the miracles and good times. What is a phrase or a word that will help you remember this time? Mine is CONNECTION. What’s yours? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


CCPC DAY 30- Makeup Trends

Whether or not you’re on board, the makeup train is ALWAYS moving. From the wildest and crazy to the most beautiful. In stories I’m asking you to weigh in on some of the trends through out the years. Yay or nay, love it or leave it?
Post a picture however you'd like of a trend that you’ve tried and tell me how it went! Was it a hit or miss??????? Be sure to share with me classycozmetics and use the classyphotochallenge hashtag.
I’ll start. I tried the fake freckles (as shown) and I actually LOVED it!!!!!!!! One time I may have gone overboard though and Kev was like.....too much babe, too much 😂😂😂. Weigh in on these trends throughout the years.  I can’t wait to hear your stories!!!! 


CCPC DAY 29- What In Your Bag?

I got REALLY emotional today & decided that’s not what I was going to talk about. I was hoping to be in Mexico today 😢. This beautiful woman turned 100 today & is my great grandma Evelyn. Oh how I love her!!! Her laugh, her hugs, her optimism & humor! 

Evelyn was born in 1920, can you believe it? When we called her to sing happy birthday today she told me she woke up feeling so chipper. She is so present & so loving & still remembers everything! 

I remember going to see my great great grandma every year on her birthday (Oct. 2nd) down in Fairfield, Ca. One of these trips had me and my great grandma taking off in the car for something or other. We were approaching a yellow light & she wasn’t slowing down. I kept looking at her, then the light, then her & the light again. My heart started to race & she sped right through a red light. “Grandma!!!” I exclaimed half terrified but mostly laughing. She looked around & behind her. “What? Was it red?” 😂 I don’t know why that stands out so much to me but it does & it still makes me laugh 😂 .

 She lived in Hawaii for as long as I can remember & made the most beautiful quilts! She was a champion golfer winning multiple tournaments all over California. My mom said my brothers always loved taking her out to golf because she would give them really good tips.

Most recently a memory that brings me to tears is when my mom told her that she & I would be going to Ireland next year in May (& that’s all my mom mentioned). I had only recently begged my mom to take a slight detour from our guided tour so I could see the cottage from the film the Quiet Man (the reason I fell in love with the country). She was hesitant & wasn’t yet committed. My great grandmother called & left my mom a message just DAYS later. She said she had a very vivid dream of me & my mother in Ireland & we were in the Quiet Man cottage. She said she wasn’t with us but she could see us there together 😭😭😭😭. Needless to say, after that, my mom said we would be 100% visiting that house. Either we will call her from the cottage or she’ll be smiling down on us reunited with her sweet mother. 

 I love you Big Grandma. Happy 100th!!! 🥰🥳❤️


CCPC DAY 28 - YouTube

This next transformation that I did 3 years ago fell perfectly into following a tutorial on YouTube. Mirjana is an incredible illusion makeup artist and when I saw what she could do by blacking our parts of her body...I knew I had to try!!!! It took FOREVER but I was so happy with how it turned out.
I’ve always been inspired by other artists and I get SO excited when I learn something new. It happens often on YouTube 🥰.

Go there now and see what you want to follow. Is it painting? Fixing a leaky faucet? Makeup? Hair? Decorating ideas? Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll link the whole tutorial in my stories on classycozmetics so you can watch in fast motion how I achieved this look. I didn’t save the footage for some reason so it will forever live on YouTube. What do you think??? I used almost all maskcarabeauty for the shading!