Easy Mommy And Me Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

If you've followed me for a while then you know my heart belongs to Halloween and dressing up ; D.
I'll not share with you the recent heartbreak I felt after hearing certain words uttered by my "old" children..........okay I will!!!! "Mom, can we dress up on our own this year?" beeeeeeeeeeeeeep
After I was resuscitated by medical professionals my husband reminded me that I indeed still had one little smoosh that was down to follow mommy anywhere. Oh my sweet Sophie, will you be buds with me forever? Will you love and adore coordinating outfits and dressing up for Halloween with me always? 
I was so excited when Sophie and I were asked to be apart of such a fun and creative shoot involving the amazing people over at Shabby Apple and Freshly Picked
The objective? Choose a gorgeous Shabby Apple dress and somehow transform it into an easy Halloween costume. Challenge accepted!!!!! 
 I had been eyeing their Nutcracker dress for a while because of it's elegance and clean classic lines. I knew once I looked at it from a costume perspective that it could ROCK as Mary Poppins.
 It really was super simple and I had a blast putting all the pieces together. I bought this hat at a Halloween store for super cheap and just sewed and used a hot glue gun to add the berries, buttons and flowers. The flowers were from the dollar store and the berries were from some old Christmas decor...holler!!! The apron I got from my most trusted Halloween source, Hale Center Theatre in Orem. If you have a local theatre around you, for SURE look into seeing if they rent costumes. Chances are they do and they have amazing costumes from all the plays they've ever done! I pinned one of Sophie's maaaaany bows to the apron and snap! The costume is complete!
I decided that lil Sophie would be Jane and that we could very easily find a darling dress in her wardrobe. The knee high sock are just the run of the mills socks you can purchase at Walmart for super cheap. Just don't roll them or fold them and voila! Her hat was a gift from a baby shower and you may recognize it from her nursery post. I love these darling suede moccs because they go with EVERYTHING! Look at that sweet face {melting heart}. She had so much fun with everyone...but then crashed once it was almost over. Did I hide it well in the group shot? LOL she was OUT!!!
Here are some of the other easy family Halloween costume ideas to check out.
Whitney: Witch and Kitten
Makelle: Circus Crew
Michelle: Neverland Family

All photos taken by the amazing Roxana B Photography


Welcome To Sophie's Nursery

When starting any project do you have a place that you go for inspiration? A store that you love the most? A theme that you just can't get out of your head? As many of you know, I recently did a little bit of an overhaul on my house. Painted almost every wall and am in the process of switching out furniture. Some of you may know the torment of trying to pick the perfect grey. You become easily cross eyed staring at all the different hued paint swatches and want to pull your hair out! Just me? Really? Well, long before we became pregnant with lil Sophie I was having the hardest time picking out the perfect grey for our very warm toned house. I finally decided to call on an expert and BOY was she amazing!!! She truly picked our perfect grey and then told me what color schemes would be perfect for each room. Sophie's room used to be my makeup/guest room. When Mary Ellen came into that room she suggested a light and airy room where guests would feel refreshed and relaxed. She said different shades of white and I just melted. This room, unfortunately, would be one of the last on my list because it wasn't used all that much. Fast forward to not only knowing we were pregnant, but knowing this baby was actually sticking around, I KNEW the color scheme. What a beautiful idea to give this baby an all white nursery and to also stick with the color scheme for the guest room when she's all done with it! Call me crazy but I just adore buying things for the long haul and that can be used for dual purposes ; ).
Welcome to Sophie's nursery.
I looked far and wide for the perfect keepsake board for right when you walked in her room. A board that would have all of her "firsts" pinned. Her first picture, her first footprint, a lock from her first precious haircut. I even kept the lace bows pins I made for her gender reveal cake for this very purpose (insert heart). I finally found the perfect one at Michael's and it was 40% off AND the name of the product line??? SOPHIE!!!!!! Kismet much???
Sophie has one of those rooms where the closet placement is just lovely. It's right behind that keepsake board so when you walk in, it's right there in your face. I decided to use that to my advantage and run a tension rod across the ceiling and hung these beautiful chiffon drapes right at the entry.
{sigh} I love her room. It's light and bright and makes me happy. It really does make me feel relaxed...that chick knows her stuff eh? lol
Every nursery demands a few things...although we do like to fluff it up with even more right? But it really does need a place for baby to sleep. This beautiful crib was given to us by a dear friend for Sophie and I can't tell you what it did to my tired, project loving heart, to have it already be the color I wanted. To not have to sand and paint really made me happy. I've been a tad bit over big projects lately. The totally breathable, mesh bumper we found {here}. The darling layered tule bed skirt we found {here}. And then we just bought your typical, run of the mill white crib sheets. I wanted to add interesting pieces with a good amount of texture around the room and this rug totally fit the bill. Under $15 at Ikea...score!

 More texture and just downright dreamy details can come from blankets as well. The very textured white blanket underneath is also an Ikea find. The layered, creamy with a touch a pink blanket was a gift from my dear friend Summer of She Leaves A Little Sparkle.
I seriously die over her cute lil crib, her darling blankets and her sweet bunny. That was one of her first gifts and you can find a similar one {here}. It is the SOFTEST lil thing!!!
 My sweet friend Karen is a beautiful artist. She's an AMAZING artist!!! She hand wrote this quote for me. Can you even believe that? You can find more of her amazingness {here} on Instagram. I found this quote a while ago and where most people might think of their significant other, I immediately thought of Sophie. We had been trying for so long and I knew that a lil smoosh was out there for us. Right when I saw her sweet face, I knew it. She was the one. She was the puzzle piece that was missing in our family.
Another large piece that is quite essential to a nursery is a dresser and I LOVE the simplicity of this one from Ikea. We decided to splurge ever so slightly for this one and the mirror above it because I loved them so much. I think they are both so well priced though and the simple elegant lines can go with any style. And go figure the cream cart peaking from around the corner holding all of her accessories is also from Ikea lol.
I am slightly obsessed with apothecary jars and use them for almost all of my decorating, seasonal or not. These ones came from around the house and I knew I wanted to put cute baby things in them. Clothes pins, cotton balls and some bow accessories...I mean was there any doubt this little one would have a ton of bows? The porcelain ball and birdies came from Hobby Lobby, the clock is from Michael's and the owl dish to hold her tiny bracelets was a gift from the amazing photographer taking all these pics ; ). 
I decided early on that we were going to do cloth diapers after much fear and research lol. The hubs was reluctant but now we are SO glad that we did and wouldn't change (see what I did there) a thing! I knew I would need a wet bag close to her changing table so I bought the same crystal tie backs from the curtains to hang it. They come in pairs so I used the other one to hold back the chiffon curtain hanging just at her entry. This hat makes me think of Anne of Green Gables and I couldn't love my friend Summer any more for getting it for her. You'll also be able to see her wearing it in an upcoming photoshoot we did!
I'm a big believer in no wasted space but not being too cluttery. The space just above the closet is a PERFECT place to set a scene. I decided to put a few of my favorites up there to share with Sophie a little bit about her mama. I am OBSESSED with clocks for some reason. I love whimsical stories especially romantic ones from the regency era hence the water basin and pitcher (scored from a second hand store!) and I also love to read!!! You all know that from my book club posts but I wanted to be selective in the books I put up there. There are a thousand more, but these are just a few I want her to read and enjoy or live by. Anne of Green Gables was for SURE a must!!! 
Well, we sure has a good time showing you around! If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you!
 Isn't she just a doll??? Oh how we love her! These are our favorite cloth diapers and her darling bow is from Zelda Matilda. You can use our special code sophie15 to get 15% off your purchase there! She has the CUTEST bows and bibs and accessories for smooshies =).
All photos (except the last grainy one taken with my phone lol) taken by:


Night in the Life With Owlet

Many of you know, if you've been following me for a while, that we have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. We didn't have any problems with the boys and so we figured once we wanted another one...no big deal. How wrong we were! We tried for just over 5 years for another smoosh only to be disappointed each month. Then along the way we got pregnant...four times and lost the baby four times. I can't describe the heartache and confusion that ensued. 
I remember the day very clearly that I found out I was pregnant again. Kev and I laughed, a lot, and then reality kicked in. I cried and cried telling him that I just couldn't spiritually, emotionally or physically go through another loss and that I was scared. I made an appointment that DAY to go in and see a doctor and try to better our odds of keeping this baby. They were very kind to send me home with tons of information and some meds.
I think it was at month 4 that I looked at my husband and said, "I think I might be pregnant." It was sinking in that this might actually happen...we were going to have a baby!!!
Excitement heightened when we learned that our little rainbow baby was going to be a girl, a GIRL!!!! I was going to have a daughter, the boys would have a sister...these were such foreign words in our house full of boys. I cried and cried and had many conversations with my belly lol. When it was time for Sophie to finally come into this world we were still a little nervous that something would go wrong and we would somehow lose her. I think my mind got very jaded during all the years of hoping and of loss. There were a few hiccups but she was strong and healthy! I'll be sharing her birth story later =). I opted for her to stay in our room the whole hospital stay and to have her sleep in our room when we got home. I didn't do either of those things with the boys but I was strangely protective over this miracle from Heaven. Rewind to an event I was invited to put on by Ergo Baby about a month before giving birth. It was a beautiful breakfast filled with vendors and an amazing panel with doctors and specialists. I met the team from Owlet Baby Care and learned about their product to help keep baby safe.
They showed me how this little sock, when placed on the baby, can monitor her heart rate and her oxygen levels...what the WHAT??? Anytime your baby's oxygen or heart rate drops, an alarm is designed to sound and you can run to their aid. This was an answer to a prayer. Owlet was kind enough to send me their product to review and BOY do I have words for all of you with babies.....this product is worth every single penny!!!! We spent one week with Sophie not having the sock and were able to see, feel and taste the difference. I would jump at any noise before, and not sleep at all wondering if she was breathing. When we placed it on her for the first night I slept...I actually slept WELL knowing I would be notified if anything was wrong. It was like being back in the hospital where nurses would monitor and check on her every so often while I slept. It was the most peace I had felt in a long time. 
 Here is sweet Sophie wearing her sock. It's soft and comfy and she doesn't mind it at all. It comes with a right and left sock to alternate in the newborn size and then a larger sock for when she is a bit older. Look at her....I can't stop staring I love her so much and I feel so safe and secure knowing her Owlet sock is on her when she sleeps.


Cents Of Style Warehouse Sale!

If you are a local in Utah, you are NOT going to miss this sale! Here are all the deets, happy shopping loves!