Bean Muck

I have had sooooo many requests for this simple and somewhat silly meal that I just had to finally get it all down in writing. I say silly because it is just so ridiculously simple yet the kiddos LOVE it!!!!! Okay, here's what you need:
 1 jar of salsa, any kind and temp you like.
image Your Home Based Mom
 3 of your fav beans (. Here's a lil tip. I use two cans of non flavored beans i.e. black and kidney drained, and then for some sweetness, I add a can of flavored baked beans, not drained). You can do a can of pork and beans or honey flavored, whatever suites you. I you want to just use three cans of unflavored beans I would just recommend adding about a 1/4 (or less) cup of brown sugar for sweetness.
 MEAT! You can always omit this if you are an herbivore ; ) but we love our meat! I have done either a lb of chicken or a lb of seasoned hamburger meat.
Shredded cheese....and this you can use as much of or as little as you'd like.

I must insist that THIS is the right way to eat Bean Muck and that THESE are the chips you must use LOL!!! Okay, do what you want but I promise your taste buds will SING and dance when you scoop with the Fritos Scoops rather than any other chip or using a spoon.
Here are some extras that you can add to the "mix" if your family wants:
fresh onions
green onion
olives (we use the kind below for it's clean ingredients)
Now for the easy part, how to cook it all. There are a few different options on how to add the meat based on your schedule. Set your crockpot to low (6-8 hrs) add frozen chicken and all the other ingredients besides the cheese (and chips). Add the cheese about 20 min before serving (or until melted) and serve hot.
Your other option is to add everything to the crock pot (besides the cheese and chips), then cook up and season your meat before mixing it into the "muck". Still add the cheese about 20 min before serving. 
You can cook this quickly on the stove top as well if you cook up your meat separately and just add everything together till hot.
This is a great meal to bring to someone that just had a baby, is blue or had surgery and it freezes really well. It yields quite a bit too so I like to have tortillas on hand so the next day I can use the innards for burritos...mmmmm. Always good to have a meal that can help you out twice! 
xoxo Jen 


Make It Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

This scrumptious meal has become a go to comfort food dinner for our family. The boys love it and mom loves the fact that they are eating their veggies =). This recipe is from allrecipes.com with a few "Jen" tweaks in there. Below the pie is shown just before baking and before I put the second pie crust on top. Hope you enjoy it!
 Here are just a few of the scrumptious ingredients you'll find in this flaky amazing pie.
 I took a screen shot from allrecipes.com so I'm sure the sale on chicken maaaaaaay have already expired LOL. Sorry for the tease =). One of my tweaks is that I use chicken breast and I add a few thighs in there for a more rich flavor. Also, if you know me, then you know that every time a recipe calls for bouillon, I use organic, reduced sodium Better Than Bouillon. You can find a nice big jar at Costco and it is WORTH every penny (not that it's too terribly expensive). If you also want to add potatoes into the mix then by all MEANS do so!!!! I love me some good potatoes. Just make sure to boil them for about 20 min and then add them to the other veggies so that they cook long enough.
Now here's the "how to" for everything. Super yummy and kid approved! Add a side salad and you are really getting your kids veggies in, which is awesome!!! Let me know what you think ; ).


Jambalaya Y'all

Okay, here is what we made for Make It Monday and I have to tell you....I am obSESSED with this recipe. Forever and a day ago my husband worked for a company called Melaleuca and he was over the south district. He was able to go and visit many of those that he mentored and one of the sweet ladies gave him this recipe for jambalaya. If I could meet this woman and hug her forever....I would! There are very few things that I've changed about it (I'm a tweaker). Ready to die from an explosion of flavor in your mouth???? Okay, here goes!

Here's the recipe card in the woman's own handwriting...seriously a treasure! Instead of vegetable oil, I use either olive or avocado oil. For the chicken broth, I only EVER use Better Than Bouillon that you can find at Walmart or Costco:

And for the sausage I get this kind. There are a few that saw "beef" smoked sausage but do NOT be fooled...THIS is the sausage you are looking for ; ).
And the last thing is that I don't put in as much cayenne pepper as it calls for. I do just a dash but I have it out on the dinner table in case someone wants more.  To make this even creamier (and just PROMISE you'll try it before you knock it) add just a touch of mayo to your bowl and mix. This goes great with garlic french bread too! Enjoy everyone and let me know how it turns out for you!

Make It Mondays

Sooooooo let's chat shall we? I remember when I used to come onto this lovely blog of mine constantly. Uploading videos, telling stories and having fun with it all. As time progressed I found it harder and harder to be consistent. Editing videos takes a super long time and is a little draining after a while for me. I still want to make them, don't get me wrong! Maybe just not as frequently. Then Periscope hit the scene for me. I loved the idea of sharing content and answering questions LIVE! No more editing!!! It was fantastic!!! I have found that it is much easier to be consistent on there as well as IG. SO, if you are not already following me on those platforms and would like to, you can find me under the name @classycozmetics (yes the z is intentional so make sure to type it in correctly) ;). 

I have started doing a series called "Make It Mondays" on Periscope where I share some of my FAVORITE recipes. Tried and true, these will NOT let you or your family down!!! I do warn you though....I am not always a "lean" cook and love comfort foods. Maybe you'll be able to make these meals once a month to keep that girlish figure LOL.....I've lost mine already ha! Since these are recipes that I have used a bunch, I have tweaked them for the ultimate flavor payoff and you can't find them on Pinterest (till I make it happen). Ones that we have already made are: my famous sausage lasagna, the BEST garlic parmesan chicken and bean muck.....I PROMISE it's better than it sounds LOL. Today we will be learning my favorite recipe for jambalaya. Oh my word my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!! I usually like to scope in the mornings for these so that you can learn and make it later that night. Come and join us!!!! Just download the app and search for my name in the search bar and you are set. Be sure you notifications are on so that you get a little whistle when I am live.