Oh Back To School

I've always been one that was excited about "back to school time". Back home in California it was always in September so we had the Fall to look forward to. I loved the crunch of the leaves, the hustle and noises of kids rushing to school. The laughter, the excitement of what teacher you got and who would be in your class. I loved the carnivals, the new school clothes, the new supplies (I was and still am a sucker for all office supplies and the colors associated with said topic). Now that I am a mom, I have mixed feelings about school starting. I've not ever been a mom to cry when they leave and miss them the whole day. I am usually there in the classroom helping out, then taking a few days a week for myself. The thing I am nervous about is making sure they behave themselves as gentlemen, hoping that I have taught them well enough to stand up for "the little guy". To choose the right wherever they are, to be active in participating during class time, ya know, normal mom hopes. I thought it would be only appropriate to have a back to school shoot! Here are a few of my favs from the amazingly talented Niki Martins Photography.


 Niki is amazing and I love that she captured these gorgeous mountains that I look out of my window to see everyday. Utah is such a beautiful place to live!!! Love my lake, love my mountains.

Outfit Deets:
Blouse, belt, bow: Forever 21
Skirt: small boutique in Jackson Hole but re-constructed by Holly Sundstrom
Tie: Tie One On (First one I purchased just for me! I usually steal from the hubs or the kids LOL)

Makeup Deets:
Lashes: Demi Whispies in black by Ardell
Shadow: MAC Bamboo & Handwritten in crease, Shroom on brow bone
Lips: Laura Mercier Sugar Violet Lip Stain


Ombré Lips

Found an ombré lip via Pinterest and looooved it. Expect to get an annoying amount of them from here on out LOL! Have you found pics you love? Should we all try them? Either send them to me via email, FB or tag me on Insatgram. Having so much fun with these! Muuuaaah!
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Super Heroes UNITE!!!

When sweet little B told me he wanted to be Superman for his birthday I was blown back, literally. I think I was crouching down to hear his ideas, he sat on my unstable lap and I fell.....but had TONS of ideas hit me all at once that THAT could have been the reason too!!! Oh the ideas for all of the things they would do, eat, learn etc. I think he told me this at the beginning of June and by mid July I was ready to throw him the best super hero bash that I could muster. Both of the boys have about a bazillion dress up clothes (very manly) so their costumes were taken care of. Mine? I can't ever get a super hero girl costume that isn't smutty and totally immodest, so I knew I would have to use existing clothes and just modify them a touch. The boys were more than willing to help me so I had them draw, then cut out white stars for my skirt. I made the cuffs out of tin foil and this amazing headband (Pinterest inspired) out of thick sheets of felt and an obliging headband. I LOVE how it all came together!!!
We decided to have all the kids come as super heroes and told them to be ready for training. First we had a laser course set up in the basement (genius idea on my part since I didn't want the upper levels of the house to get trashed). They needed to rescue poor, defenseless animals and bring them back to safety. 
 I love this pic of my oldest. It looks like he's got awesome dance moves he's bustin out LOL!!!
The animals brought back to safety!!! And for being such good rescuers, each hero got a Superhero Sucker =).
 Next, each hero needed to work on their x-ray vision by seeing how close they could pin on Superman's cape. This was super fun since all of them got pretty dizzy lol.
When the kids were done with their suckers, we went out for a refresher course...flight school! Each kid (I only chose a few of the nine kids that were there so I wouldn't have a nine page post)
I seriously loved these and was pretty impressed with some of their poses =D. My oldest really wanted to be a trainer for one of the rotations and I told him what I had planned and that he could do whatever he wanted that we hadn't already done. He was SO excited to be Captain America and thought the best thing he could do would be to teach them how to throw his shield. The back of these boxes are pretty random but this kid colored paper to make them look like bricks on the front so kids could bash through them with the shield!!! Genius....and SO bugged I didn't get a pic of the front! But here are some of the more awesome throws after he taught them some tricks =).
The evil mastermind that has been threatening our fair city seemed to have snuck in during this last activity and planted BOMBS all over the grass!!! Luckily as soon as I told the heroes about this, they were ON it and squashed all of them in NO time!!!
 After all water balloons....I mean, bombs were safely squashed we thought we might take a break......until......
 The evil villain has been SPOTTED!!!! Aaaaaaand he may have borrowed things from the hostess he didn't ask for (insert me blushing that nine innocent children are about to see my husband in MY unmentionables!!!!)
 He came out of nowhere and challenged all the super heroes!
Little did he know that I had already armed our heroes with all they would need to take him down.
 And were they EVER ready for the challenge!!!
 Down villain, DOWN!!!
Birthday boy's turn.
With the villain defeated, in jail and the city safe again, it was time to take a much needed rest and replenish with some yummy refreshments.
 Invisible Punch will always give you a boost of electrolytes (and not be sticky lol).
 B's fav snack is Cheetos so I knew this was a must. I printed out comic pages on our printer, made funnels and filled them with said snack.
 Kryptonite Krispies were a hit! Even Superman was able to eat these since I mixed up the ingredients a bit to leave out Kryptonite =).
 Cake colors were picked out by the birthday boy so, of course, it was blue frosting, red cake mix and sprinkles with the same colors.
Love that curl in the front!
Here are a few more extras from the party including set up, goodie bags, presents and a mini photo booth set up for everyone to pose! We had such a good time and can't wait for further adventures next year!
 To make decorating more manageable, I sectioned off a smaller part of the basement and started making my faux buildings.
 These were all around the basement and looked like the skyline of Gotham City =).
Had a few of these hanging from the ceiling with fishing line.
Love how these goody bags turned out. SO much fun to make!!!


Whippy Cake Is the Best Cake EVER!!!

Okay, so maybe she isn't cake, and her name isn't Whippy (it's Becki) but she is the next best thing! She's an amazing makeup artist, hairstylist, fashionista. Her Instagram account is just riddled with beautiful images of her, her clients and her darling family. She was working with a site called Brickyard Buffalo and was modeling some different pieces she loved. As soon as I saw this sheer skirt I.Was.Dying!!!!!! She shows how to wear it over a bathing suit but also suggested wearing it over a high wasted pencil skirt.....WHAT???? Well, it was caaaaalling my name, so naturally I had to get over to said site and order it FAST before it went out of stock. At least that's how I explained it to the hubs because if Becki is wearing it and says she loves it, it will fly off the cyber shelves (and they did btw). I was SO tickled to order mine and when it came I had gotten in super late from doing makeup that whole day for a wedding shoot. It was dark, few lights were on but the light above a certain "I just got delivered today" package was no light my house was providing. It was heavenly and it was radiant. I knew what the package was before I even looked at the label....MY SKIRT!!!!!! I tore into the bag and angels began to sing. I couldn't wait to put it on and wear it out to the pool, church that sunday, to Walmart (keepin it real). I posted the package on IG and Whippy Cake Becki girl herSELF made a comment that I had to model it.....well WHO am I to disappoint Becki??? I figured this would be the perfect way to model since it had already been tried and tested and would add a wee bit of humor to the mix =D. Hope she likes it! Ladies, this skirt is amazing and I love it! Runs very small so I didn't breathe for most of the shoot but after I get my girl Holly to work her magic, it will fit perfectly!!! Here are a few more shots from the day, taken by the amazing Niki from Niki Martins Photography.

And by the way I am obSESSED with my newest lipstick from MAC called Relentlessly Red. I adORE the shade and the matte sheen. 
Headband: Forever21
Swimsuit: Target
Tan (you heard right): Aubrey of Endless Glow Now