20 Facts About Me

I was tagged by the darling Aubrey of Dreaming About Someday to tell 20 facts about me so here goes!!!!
1. I LOVE to decorate!!!!! I love to throw parties, I love to help my friends decorate their homes, I love looking at homes and getting inspired! I change the decor in my house for EvErY holiday (unless you're going to count boxing day or Russian Old New Year's...not those kind ;D). The apothecary jars get filled with assortments of snowflakes, mints, conversation heats, fabric to match the holiday, mini beach balls, skulls laid on a bed of moss, autumn leaves, pinecones etc. Halloween is my fav and I have more totes for that time of year than any other (even Christmas, although that is coming along nicely too lol). Any excuse I have to transform an area to "take people away" I'm all about that!!!

2. I like bog BOWS and I cannot lie! The bigger the better, as far as head accessories, is what I say! I'm at the point now where when I don't wear one, I may tilt to one side ever so slightly.
3. I do NOT clean toilets and haven't since we have been married. I will lick the FLOOR and clean sinks and showers but if you make me clean a toilet I will gag and throw up. It's not a girly girl thing because I grew up with all boys and do a lot of stuff other girls won't....but toilets? Am I scared I'll fall in? I have NO idea but my wonderful hubby has cleaned them and has passed the royal plunger on to our oldest who cleans them every other day. Thank you boys!!!!!

4. I speak Russian. I sometimes feel like it was a dream that I lived there so long ago but I did and I MISS it like crazy!!! My husband also speaks Russian (we met in Siberia) so we try to keep up on it and our kids can speak a little. Yay Russia!!!!

5. I am sooooo in love with my little family, but mostly my hubby. He is the perfect match for me and I don't deserve him. He knows me better than anyone else and helps me through hard times like a champ. He is the first one I want to share news with and the only person I want to spend eternity with. I miss him most around 3 in the afternoon and always sigh that he doesn't get off till 5....the agony of waiting to play with my best friend!!! This surprise he did for me on our 10 year anniversary practically killed me and I was so grateful! We share the same goals, religious views, dreams and most opinions (would be terribly boring if we agreed on EVERYthing right???). I love him to the moon and back and hope all of you have someone that takes care of your heart as much as he takes care of mine and our boys'.
6. I used to nanny for the Terminator...before he was the Governator.....and NO I was a good girl and the famous "worker" was a maid, NOT me! lol

7. I ran a half marathon in just under 2 hours but I sooooo want to beat that time. I did my first one in 2 hours 18 min. We had been training for so long and were doing 9 min miles but then my partner hurt her IT band so we took it nice and slow. It was a wonderful race. A few weeks later I left for California to see the fam and my brother and I went out running. He nearly KILLED me but I shaved 19 min off my time! LOL Here he is finishing the St. George Marathon.

8. My dream getaway would be to travel all over abroad with my little family. Kev sent me tons of pics when he was in Armenia & Paris and all I wanted was to be with him! I have been to Omsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow and Estonia. I would LOVE to visit Ireland. I've wanted to go there ever since I saw the Quiet Man with John Wayne. The way they speak, the rocks walls and rolling green hills, the cold, the mist.......MUST GO!!!!!!!!

9. My face gets BRIGHT red when I exercise and then goes purple. Not enough oxygen? God thinks purple would look good on me? NO clue but boy does it get red!!! When I started running cross country in high school I did so because I wanted to be around my brothers. I really looked up to them, although I wouldn't tell them that at the time. I wanted them to be proud of their sister so I ran hard.......but I was also a very insecure girl. The fact that I got so red wouldn't have bothered most people but it mortified me. Unfortunately it kept me from showing up to practices and I would shield my face during races. So sad. Luckily it's better now. The redness and the self esteem ; D.

10. I am addicted to Instagram. My hands shake if I don't check it every now and then. But do not fear friends...acceptance is the first step to recovery and I am setting limits. I will be well soon! But seriously though, I love looking at pictures! I need to be better at taking them though ha! I love to see beautiful photos and dream about the places in them, the makeup used on shoots, clothing, seasons, memories....I LOVE that we live in a world where we can capture time!!!

11. I am an EATER!!!!! Seriously, I have very few foods I don't like to eat.  My mom said I got my first tooth when I was only 3 months old. I'd like to think it was to get going with eating solids already! These, however, are foods I shy away from: Chili, bean with bacon soup, split pea soup, sweet potatoes (gag) and until recently enchiladas. My friend Sheryl made them whilst I was visiting her in Texas and I loved them!!!! Seriously She, I loved them!!! Some of my fav foods (how much time do you have?) are Borsh (there is and never should be a "T" on the end of that word), salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus, monte cristo sandwiches, cream of pumpkin soup, salted fish salads from Russia, Chinese food and sushi! My heart may be breaking a tiny bit thinking about all these foods and having my poor mouth hurt from the dentist *sniff*. Look at it, all hail the Monte Cristo!!!! I'll have to share the best recipe with you soon!!!
12. Speaking of Sheryl, she helped me with this one. She says to put that I get horribly car sick (true story) but I'm hilarious on Dramamine (also a true story). I hardly EVER take medicine because it affects me so easily. Let's just say there was a road trip, I was on it, she was on it and one other friend, I took Dramamine, they laughed. End scene.
13. I sing/speak more than I actually speak. This is a realization others had to convince me of. When faced with it, I denied it, then everyone broke into song with MY very own words. It happens a lot while I am doing makeup so lucky you if I'm workin on ya...or I'm sorry.

14. I feel ANY situation in life can relate to FRIENDS and I quote the show often, very often!
15. I adooooooooooore reading. My dad used to read to us all the time and from his love of books, came my love of books. I get sad when I'm finished with a really good story because I feel I am parting ways with the characters I have grown to love. It's like, can't they just live on in a reality series that I watch every day??? Is it too much to ASK??? I would much rather turn pages than read on a computer or listen to an audio book. Unless it's the guy that reads the Harry Potter series. He is a GENIUS!!!! I've already told you guys about the AMAZING book club I just joined. You must check out all the details from our most recent meeting including the menu and recipes!!! Click here to see.

16. I love my friends and would do anything for them.  I don't have a "type" of friend that I get along with best because I like being friends with EVERYone! I invite everyone to parties because I love people. Chances are, if I know you, I consider you a friend and would do anything to help you out. Unless you are mean or don't get along well with others (how many times must we learn about this type of person on the Bachelor/ette to NOT choose them?). If not, come on by for cocoa and a nice chat!

17. I have sweaty hands....OH THE EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!! I would let NONE of my boyfriends hold my hands...ever! My husband sometimes grabs my hand, doesn't let go, then says sweetly right into my eyes,"I don't care. Never have, never will." He melts my heart. I think it's gross. My brother also likes to remind me that I sweat on my face if I eat anything too spicy....thanks Jason.

18. I danced for MTV when I lived in Southern California. We opened up local clubs, danced back up for up and coming artists and appeared on a show called Global Grooves. We danced on the set of that 70's show, in front of the Hollywood sign and at the Santa Monica Pier. Super fun, but alas a looooong time ago.
19. I am a morning person AND a night owl. I've often been asked, since I don't drink coffee or caffeine, how I wake myself up in the morning....well, a good dance party with an exceptional shimmie never hurt anyone right?

20. I have never tasted a Coke in my life (gasps from women in Utah). Nor do I plan on it. Like I said, no caffeine for me hence me never planning on it. Back in the day I was a Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew girl. I smelled it once and thought it smelled nasty.


Cuz I'm An Old Fool Who's Soooo Cool

Fashion always has a way of recycling through timeless looks. When thinking of timeless, I'm more inclined to swoon over the 20's-50's. It's more comical if you ask me to look at myself during the 80's and 90's. And YET here I am digging into shades that I haven't used (no it's not the same makeup, but the same colors) since then. I was the girl that wore the HUGE jeans, had crispy curly hair and sported the almost black lips. For YOUR viewing entertainment I take us back, just a touch as we revisit said lips but put a more "now" spin on it. This is a GREAT look for welcoming in the fall weather. Bust out the berries girls, Jenni from the block is back!!!

Here's the look with my brand new hat from Target. Here I added a touch of blush just above the contour. It's Ben Nye blusher in Victorian Rose.


The Weather

Can you feel the change in the air? The change in season? The longing to wear warmer more snuggly clothes? IIIIIIIII do!!!! Isn't the seasons changing such a wonderful gift? It gives us variety, change, hope and excitement. For me, the Autumn season is by FAR my favorite but the shortest season here in Utah. But GLORIOUSLY beautiful none the less and I get to decorate for Halloween!!!!! Oh be still my little beating heart! These beautiful images were taken by the amazing Niki Martins. This woman has an eye and I'm so glad because, believe it or not, staged photos are NOT my forte and I always feel uncomfortable. Put my with friends and tell us to be goofy? GOT it! Messing around with the boys? Okay! Even being dorky on camera for you guys during tutorials, paaaaassable. But staged? My eye starts twitching LOL!!! All the same, I am so happy to be a voice that a few of you want to listen to. I hope that I make some of you smile, chortle even if you feel so inclined. I'm glad to be a voice for more curvy girls...especially the J-Lo part ;D. Take the weather of today and feel joy in the changing season. Hugs!!!
 Trying to "own" that butt of mine ;D
Until next time!!!
Sweater: H&M
Pants: NY&Co
Headband: Forever 21
Lips color: MAC Girl About Town
Shoes: Maurices


Women Be READin!!!

Can we  go back in time? Just a little? My dad was my hero growing up. He knew EvErYtHiNg about anything. He was sooooo strong and I loved what he loved. He loved to read. I remember going into his "library", which was basically many long bookshelves against a wall in the living room, and wondering what was inside each book. There were fat ones, thinner ones that almost got lost in between the bigger novels. There were colorful books and some that looked so old that they might crumble if you tried to touch them. I remember he would read to us and it seemed to transport him to another world. He had so much hero magic in him that he was able to take us right along with him on his adventures. The scriptures, Lord Of the Rings, the Hobbit, C.S. Lewis' classics, the Wizard of Oz Books, Anne Of Green Gables and so many more. I remember he bought me the Little House On the Prairie books and I couldn't have been more excited to be starting my very OWN library! I, too, had a bookshelf in my room and tried to fill it just like he had done with his. 
My father gave me my love of reading.
I will be EVER grateful for such a tremendous gift. Even now, if I meet someone that doesn't looooove to curl up with a book on a cool autumn day, or a rainy day, a snowy day, a HOT day for that matter my heart hurts for them. Picky eaters are made and so are lovers of books. My boys and I have read the Hobbit and will start the Lord Of the Rings just as soon as we have Harry Potter out of our systems. We are on the fourth book and since they haven't seen that movie they hang on every word, curled up in their beds as their mother creates voices and accents for each character. I pray those boys will feel my love for the written word and will pass it on to their children.
I joined a book club....no, that's doesn't quite cover it. I joined an adventure, an experience! I have never before belonged to a book club before and for that reason I had nooooo idea what to expect. I had no preconceived thoughts or expectations. Sure, I heard their description of throwing extravagant parties but I was in no way prepared for what was to come. The first thing I was blown away by was the overall order before I even CAME to the meeting. There is a hostess, a moderator, a book blogger, a fashion blogger doing "looks from books". There is a FB & IG page, a blog, they tweet!!! There is an evite invitation that is sent days before the meeting where you can rsvp and sign up for food to bring. We read Leigh Bardugo's Grisha series and were celebrating the thrid book "Ruin &Rising". I was so excited for a Russian "esque" book having lived there for a few years. I signed up for the drink and counted down the days. Ladies, these girls do NOT mess around and I am SO excited to be apart of their group. Get ready for some amazing pics cuz they decorated, brought loads of delicious food from the book and they DRESSED UP!!!!! I was in HEAVEN!!!
 The food was absolutely to DIE for. Roasted chicken, vereniki, pickled beets with goat cheese (YUM!), Russian black bread with THE yummiest homemade garlic butter I have EvEr tasted, cakes, fruit, caramel drizzled cream puffs, mushrooms baked in cream, stuffed eggs, and cauliflower with potatoes. ARE YOU DROOLING????
 The mirrors are a big part of the books and the sun flares were just icing on the cake. Twinkle lights, gold encrusted fruit, candles and linens in gold were draped everywhere.
 Our "Sun Summoner" (and moderator) looked absolutely perfect in every detail! She made her crown and wore makeup pinned by the author on Pinterest. And speaking of the author......WE SKYPED WITH HER!!!!!! It was so amazing for Leigh Bardugo, herself to make time for us. To answer all of the burning questions everyone had, to giggle, share her own thoughts on the characters and other books we have read. I was just so blown away but her amazing detailed answers to everything that was asked. Find her on IG under the name LBardugo
At the end I was given this darling card (reminiscent of the cards in the back of our elementary school library books) to tell me details of the books for the year, who's home and various other details. Are you dying of perfection???? I am, and what a way to go! We will be reading "The Haunting Of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson next. Feel free to read along and email me your thoughts! Till next time (insert us all singing the Reading Rainbow theme song here).