Gender Reveal

I can't tell you how nervous I was for this night. There are times that I just like being a total spotlight hog and have been since I was a kid. I love making people laugh and was always the class clown...HOWEVER, there have been a few moments in my life where I wish that NO one was looking at me and that I could just blend into the walls. One, was when I opened my LDS mission call to go out and preach the gospel. There seems to be a lot of hype of going foreign over state side and I felt very uncomfortable with people judging my reaction. I was happy to be sent anywhere but my initial reaction to reading where that would be...I just wanted it to be private. Didn't happen btw. My mom hid it so that we could get the whole family together....sigh. The next moment was THIS one!!! I wanted to cut open a small cake just me and my boys and THEN share it with everyone else at the reveal. Kevin reeeaaaalllly didn't want to do it that way and so we compromised. If he would leave all the colors and decor up to me for the party....then I would wait to see what we were having. He agreed so aaaaallllll thoughts of pastel blue and pink went OUT the window (thank heavens) and all the neutral deliciousness of tans, browns, whites and cream came into play. Since that will basically be the nursery, I felt good about making and buying things that I would still be able to use. Here is the inspiration pic that I found on good old Pinterest:
And this is what I came up with:
I was so in love with my husband for letting me take full creative control because I seriously was dreaming about these neutrals and wanted so badly not to use pastels. Here's a breakdown of what I used and what I did to make it happen. I loved the banner idea so much but instead of spending a ton, I got a coupon from Michael's and bought the banner ready made. I have made burlap banners a ton and just wanted the ease of a ready made. Super cheap with the 50% off coupon! Then I made the flowers on either end by using brown and cream coffee filters and ripped up paper from a book I frequently tear pages from lol. Got it at a second hand store and it's been wonderful for so many projects! Instead of buying a stencil for the lettering I just made my own. I picked a font on the computer, made it large enough, then cut out the center and stipple painted onto the burlap material. It turned out great and will be hung in her room now. We framed one of her last ultrasound profile pics and had one of the boys as well. Almost everything on the table are items from around the house that just happened to fit the color scheme. We served chocolate milk and regular milk in Ikea old fashined milk jugs. I just took some doilies I had from Walmart and taped them to the front for a more delicate detail. The cookies were from Costco and the Chicken salad craisin sandwiches are from this pinned recipe (to die for!!!). The only difference is that I had run out of pecans so I used walnuts and it was still amazing! We also had white Lindt chocolate truffles and bon bons. It ws heavenly =).
I took jute twine that I already had and tied each end to the curtain rods above the windows. I then used my little boys' blessing outfit (complete with bonnet), went out and bought little ruffle buns (kept the tag on just in case lol), socks and a onsie. Because it was winter, I felt the snowflakes were perfect and just took them from my Christmas decor and hung them. My dear friend and I have been drooling over all white nurseries and she insisted on getting me the softest stuffed animal she could find. This lil rabbit has my heart....I may keep it ha! =) This same dear friend partnered up with another gal to make these fantastic tissue poms. I am hopeless at trying to make them and they were so giving and kind to help me out!
As for the cake, there was NO one I wanted to have make it more than my darling friend Mandy from Favorite Cake Place (you can find her under that same name on IG). We talked about a ton of different options and then when the color scheme changed we just looked at the cake from the Pinterest pic. We had no idea what was really on it so we improvised. I made the topper so it would look like what I already had strung above (just drew the blessing outfit on paper) and I made the pretty lace ribbon bows using dental floss to hold them together. We pinned them in and now I will pin them to a board I have up in Sophie's room. Soon enough, the bows and pins will hold up important reminders, like a pic of her first foot and hand prints, a lock of her hair in a baggie from her first hair cut etc. I seriously wanted to use all of these things again =). It was THE most mouth watering vanilla buttercream cake with a buttercream filling. I am dying just thinking about it!!!
And then the moment this happened. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get someone to take pictures at your gender reveal for you and to video the moment when it happened. My wonderful friend Jordan from Jordan Bree Photography (also find her on IG under that name) came and captured absolutely priceless moments. This picture is my favorite because it so perfect;y represented each of our family member's emotions right when we found out. The boys were SO pro girl that I was trying to advocate for boys just so they wouldn't be disappointed. But when they saw that pink frosting??? It was an explosion of excitement! As you'll see in the video...B only wanted cake. He had been sick the whole week leading up to the party and I'm kind of a sugar beast when that happens. I ban all sugar (the little they do eat) and bust out the oils to make them better. He was so worried he wouldn't be allowed to eat the cake that it consumed his thoughts day and night....believe me, he asked constantly so it plagued me too! It tales all of 10 seconds for him to clap politely, then take the cake from Dad's unassuming hand to devour it before I could consent. SO funny, especially when you know the back story.

It's a GIRL!!!!!!! I still can't even fathom the fact that we are having another baby, let alone we will have a daughter. It just sounds so exciting and strange at the same time. We had guests pin on mustaches or bows for their pick of what they thought the gender would be. Kevin and I were both wearing mustaches!!! We couldn't have been more wrong lol. In the video I thought we were going to cut the piece of cake all the way down the the base tier then lift but Kev apparently only wanted to make a small cut.....hence me being confused in the video as to what he was doing =D.
We were so excited and in shock. I just wanted to gobble him up at this point and smother him with hugs and kisses......too many witnesses ; D.
Needless to say we are SO happy to be welcoming another lil smoosh into the Springer clan and to have the new adventure of having another girl in the house. I was getting way too outnumbered =). I can't wait to share with you all of the clothes I have already purchased and accessories she'll wear. Oh my word it's a girl!!!!!! Hope you enjoy the video. I think I've watched it 5,000 times and still cry.


Drug Store Eyeshadow

I used the Fergie Wet 'n' Wild quad in Desert Festival found here
Red Cherry Lashes found here
Eyebrows are Anastasia Dipbrow in Chocolate found here
Mac Powerpoint Pencil in Stubborn Brown found here

I am SO happy to be back and making videos!!! I think I might like doing it this way even more...shorter videos, more specific in nature and make a lot more. This first one that I filmed today was all about the eyes. I wanted to take it back to some drugstore product with this Wet 'n' Wild eye. I know that it will look a tooooon better with all the "pieces" put together and that's why I am giving you pics of the end result. Trust the process ladies ; D. I did use my Red Cherry lashes from Eyelashes Unlimited (loooooove these!!!) and I feel they complimented the eye and the strong brow so well. A few tips!
Start small and build. It's easier to add more than to start big and try to take away.These are vibrant colors and you could be crying it all off if you aren't careful lol.
Blend blend blend! These colors are so beautiful and they compliment each other so well, just make sure to blend them. I love it when a company has taken out the guess work and have paired colors together for you.
Have fun and experiment. Try to create shapes that you feel compliment your eye instead of what someone is telling you. You can always use concealer on the outer edges to fix any mess ups, just go crazy and see what you love ; ).
Do your eyes first! These colors are pigmented and will have some fall out. It's so much easier to get your eyes done first, brush away or clean off under your eyes then go in and do your whole face.

Have so much fun with this and follow me on IG and FB for updates on more looks, tips and tricks.


Golden Smokey Eye

This look may be on repeat for a few days. LOVING the golden tones and the sculpting to make me lose about five face pounds ; ).

Products used:
MAC paintpot "Rubenesque"
Urband Decay Naked Palette 2 "Half Baked"
MAC shadow in "Nylon"
MAC shadow in "Charcoal Brown"
MAC paintpot "Painterly"
MAC shadow in "Blanc Type"
MAC shadow in "Graphology"
Becca shimmering skin perfecter in "Opal"
Frankie Rose foundation in "Vintage"
Garnier Anti-Dark Under Eye Roller Ball in Light
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder to "bake" under eye
Anastasia Brow Dip in "Chocolate"
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner in "2L"
Cover Girl mascara
Anastasia Contour Kit Light/Medium
MAC shadow in "Omega"
MAC mineralized skin finish in "Soft & Gentle"
MAC mineralized blush in "Warm Soul"
Cherry Lashes "Demi Wispies" from Lashes Unlimited
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in "Double Dare"
MAC Prolongwear Lipglass in "Patience Please"


Some of you have been followers for a long time. I feel that I have shared all my thoughts and feels about the last few years and how we've been trying to have a lil angel come down to out family. It took us about 5 years and four losses to get to where we are now and I feel like shouting for joy!!!!! I have kept it a secret for so long because I was scared of having another loss but GUYS....I am like 5 months now, 20 weeks and a day and I can't hold it in (literally lol) anymore!!! 
I'm pregnant!!!!!
We are going to have a smooshie....and not just any smooshie. We are having a GIRL!!!!! I still am in shock and can't quite believe the blessings we are being given. The boys are just thrilled and can't wait to have a baby sister. We have chosen the name Sophie Rene Springer. Isn't that the sweetest name? I am so in love with her already an talk to her often. We didn't find out with either boy what we were having so this is all so amazing and new to know who is in there and to have girly conversations lol!
Watch, she'll totally be a tomboy that wants nothing to do with bows, skirts or makeup....what will I have to offer her LOL??? Growing up with all boys I mostly played with all boy things. I have this darling picture of my family seated around the table for my third birthday. We are all eating cake and I am wearing my birthday present around my waist. My perfect new gun holster and pistols BUT I am sporting the cutest lil 80's dress ha ha ha!!! I was NEVER out of a dress...in the mud, in the bedroom playing with HeMan and She-Ra (the only acceptable Barbie doll for me) and racing around the house. I sure hope she likes dressing up as much as me.....cuz her closet might already be stocked and I'm already speaking to a bow boutique to get her started on all things large in your hair LOL!!!
Guys, I am just so excited to be in this stage of life. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, we are debt free, we live in a beautiful neighborhood filled with people we love, our boys are self sufficient and becoming darling gentlemen everyday. This will be a wonderful time to welcome a newborn babe straight from Heaven. I am a little nervous seeing as how it will be about a 9 year gap between Soph and my youngest, I get really bad postpartum depression and I'm totally starting over after being out of the game so long. Have you guys ever been through any of these things? What are your thoughts? Have you tried anything that worked wonders for you with depression after a baby? Do you have a big gap with any of your kids? Pros? Cons? I need your input!!!! I love you all and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your emails and well wishes. I feel your support and it makes me truly humble and grateful!