New Skin Care Routine

I am finally at liberty to talk to all of you about the skin care I have been using for the past several months!!!!! I wanted to give an honest and thorough review so I made sure to use it for a good long while. The best news? It's completely toxin FREE!!!!!!!! That's ma fav part about it ;D.

If you want to get some for your very own go to skincarebycolorconnection.com
You can buy them individually or in sets. They make the best stocking stuffers for yourself or family members. Especially great for teenagers!!! Merry Christmas!!!


Mockingjay: A Capital Look

I have a story for this Capital Gal. May I share it? Oh thank you! lol This is a girl that came from the slums of the capital. A girl that wanted to fit in with the ritzy, over styled, zany Capital crowd. The women that would walk around in a "half in reality" kind of way. Not a care in the world, no wrinkles from stress. No matter what she did, she didn't seem to be quite right. She didn't say the right thing, do the right thing, love the same things or wear anything that came close to the women she so desperately wanted to be. 
She began to watch closely to see where these women went to get their hair done, where they received their injections for face mutations and mood alterations and where they went to shop for clothing. After a few months, she finally had it! A long list of the places she too would visit. The shop keepers were only to happy to hear about her desire for change. She was so eager in the makeup shop that the woman called her a tigress and proceeded to add various tiger like stripe marks. Her contouring was injected into the hollows of her cheeks which resulted in bruising (hence the purples and pinks), but she didn't care, she was on her way! They permanently removed her brows and gave her markings that would make her unique...just like the rest of the crowd. She went and had her hair done where they spent hours concocting the most delicious colors and curls. The dress maker constructed the glitz and glamour she had been hoping for. 
The last and most important shop she entered would seal her fate. A woman sat on a lone chair, surrounded by bottles and bottles of brightly colored liquids. The air was thick as all the different perfumes mixed from each container and hung like a cloud above the woman's head. She giggled every now and then which unsettled our capital hopeful but not enough to back down. She had come this far and was determined to finish. The woman held out a wine glass full of a blue liquid that she promised would make all of her dreams come true. As long as she had a ready supply, she would not only fit in (since everyone else drank fluids from this shop) but she would no longer worry about anything. Nothing. 
She drank.
The cool liquid quickly became warm as it slid down her throat and coated her insides like thick maple syrup. Slowly, her cares left. But with them left her passion, her ideals, her happiness at seeing the sunset, her life. She was as light as a cloud, giggling over silliness. She walked differently, spoke differently and felt differently about everything. She finally fit in and the drones all around her welcomed her with open arms and mutilated faces. It was worth it right? To lose herself completely? She fit in.
Did you like it? That, my friends was a long winded story I had as I thought about making up our amazingly talented model Angie (who should be rocking ANTM btw). I used Kryolan brand prosthetic adhesive to erase Angie's brows (amazing tutorial here) then used face paint to create her new pink and white tiger-esque brows. I used MAC's "Fig 1" "Carbon" and "Passionate" to create the contouring. Two sets of Halloween lashes were used. Purple for the ridiculous element and black to bring some depth. Angie had a makeup palette that had butterflies on it. We clipped them off, thinking our capital girl could have had a fascination for them. Some she trapped in the netting of her skirt, some in her hair and because of the effects of the liquid she drinks one even stuck to the skin of her face (I used spirit gum). Hope you enjoy!

Model: the amazing Angie T.
Makeup: Me
Styling: Jacque with Looks For Lovelies & Angie T.


Woot Woot Hoot Hoot

 Delicious Reads has a series called "Looks From Books". We have so many talented ladies in this book club that you can almost get overwhelmed with giddiness thinking about the possibilities. I'm a little late in posting this because of the craziness that ensued during Halloween but better late than never, right?!? Here is my first collaboration with Jacque from Looks For Lovelies. We all discussed having a literary character that we could use to inspire us to find a costume in our own closets. We wanted something unexpected. Something that could be visually stimulating without anyone having ever really thought to use said character. We decided on Hedwig; Harry Potter's beautiful snowy owl. We were pretty excited at the possibility of feathers, I must say LOL! 
Love this girl with my whole heart so it was fun to bring her in and play with her face =).
Jacque is a styling master and made this crown and neck decal for our stunning model Kara. Staying true to wanting to find pieces you already own we went straight to our closets. 
This coat comes from Bebe and belongs to yours truly. LOVE the elegance of the faux fur collar and the way I feel instant glam whenever I wear it. Interesting fact about female snowy owls: they aren't as stark white as the male and often have darker markings. Needless to say, this cream coat worked perefctly and the darker feathers in the crown and necklace were quite accurate ;D. Jacque went through Kara's closet to pick out the clothing pieces. Top: Choies.com Skirt: Downeast Basics Shoes: Forever Young Shoes
Our amaaaaazing photographer captured a few behind the scenes as we pinned and tucked =). Big shout out to her since she is one of my favs to use. Loves to Niki from Niki Martins Photography.
One last seeeeeerious face cuz that's what models DO! lol


All Hail Hale

Something wicked this way comes!
Halloween just makes me giddy. Grinning ear to hear, can smell caramel in the air want to dress up all day long GIDDY!!!! Our neighborhood has a witches night out every year and it is so much fun!!! Amazing food, fun games and great gals to chat the night away with. Last year I was a spunky witch and used items that I already had on hand. I love being creative and it was super fun to piece everything together. This year I was so crazy busy out of my mind that I honestly didn't even THINK about what I was going to do till the day of....the DAY OF!!!!! What a terrible example of an over planner....bleck! Well ENTER Archive Costumes at Hale Center Theater in Orem. Seriously, all I had to do was walk in, tell them my dreams and they were OFF!!!! The manager Kris (who is an absolute doll and GENIUS) pieced together my masterpiece of a costume. That's RIGHT! This costume was built piece by piece. She came zipping in and out of some secret, magical, huge closet (that I desperately want to peruse one day) with lace, an ascot, clock works, a cane, gloves, a petticoat, ribbons and strings! 
I was memorized by her speed, her attention to detail, her style! All of these costumes were tailor made for performances given at the Hale Center Theater and lovingly stored (remember the magic closet?) so that I could waltz in one day and be completely pampered and taken care of.
Kris made me into the "Witch of Time" and adorned the dress and hat in all things steam punk time-esque.
The party that night was officially something I could look forward to with the proper degree of excitement and anticipation. All I had to do now was find the perfect makeup tutorial to match this perfect outfit. HERE  was the tutorial I used and tried to do justice to. I had two other witches I was getting ready that night so I was able to practice practice before I completed my look. I showed up, knocked a few times before I let myself in leeeaaaning on the cane and hunching over. The gasps and laughter were perfect! 
Such a fun night and I won THE most heavenly smelling candle for my ensemble. Thank you Archive Costumes at Hale Center Theater for saving my J-Lo. I know where I'll be going every month for my book club costume!!! What was your fav costume to wear ever for Halloween?
If you are in the Utah Valley area check out Archive costumes on these social sites: