Chef Skinner

"The whole thing is HIGHLY suspect!!!"  Can I admit something?  When Chef Skinner said this in Ratatouille I broke into a fit of laughter.  What a funny thing to say!  Such a funny combination of words!  Must be because English was his second language.....silly man should have said it's highly suspicious.  Theeeen I started hearing it used in this same way in books and in other films.  I felt so silly not having known the word "suspect" could be used as an adjective as well as a verb.  IIIIIIIIII was the imbecile 😂.  I also used to think the Michael Jackson sang "And noooo messes coulda been in my cupboard" (Man in the Mirror 🙈).  I thought Freddie Mercury was "kicking my cat all over the place."  Any mishaps like this for you?  Realized a song lyric wasn't what you thought it was?  Kept using a word wrong?  Spill it!!!!!!  Don't make me feel alone!!!  👇👇👇👇 And doesn't my cousin Beth look smashing as Chef Skinner???  I was inspired by Audrey Logeasis (a makeup genius!) and the nose almost KILLED me!!!!!😂😂😂


IGTV Makeup Tutorial Products

This look (tutorial here) came about because I am constantly asked how long it takes me to do my makeup. every single class I teach this question comes up. And rightly so! People see a beautiful makeup look and want to know realistically if, number one they can do it themselves, then will it take too long? Do I have time for that each day? The answer to the latter question is no. There are tons of things in our day that we have time for and some that we don't. I don't have time to do my hair the way I would love to everyday so I sacrifice it to et my makeup done. Or I sacrifice some sleep to get both done the way I want. If you have 20-25 you can get this look accomplished, lashes and all.

Emma Pore Refiner Primer
Just Ingredients Citrus Serum

For Her Gift Guide

Buying for yourself or the special women in your life just got easier! Here are some awesome ideas that are inside and outside of the box. I prefer both kinds =). I also have a page on Amazon where there are even more ideas! Just click here to see that. Merry Christmas friends!!!

1. Food Nanny Bundle
I have heard nothing but the BEST about these ladies! The quality of their products and the amazing results people (even with intolerances) have seen using their flour to make bread. A lot of my friends also have their cookbooks and they are on my list!

2.  LATES by Kate Makeup Removing Cloths
These magical cloths are made from the SOFTEST material out there. I hold them and can't even tell something's in my hand they are so soft! Only using water you can get off all your makeup, including the Maybelline 24 hour stay on lipcolor. Now that IS magic!!!

3.  Iviana & Co. Accessories cute husband and wife run shop. Beautiful jewelry and accessories at great prices!

4. Doz Sleep Wear
Love these nightdresses! They are so soft and comfy and ready to snuggle in. I love the sleeve length and structure of the pockets. Great gift for yourself or the women in your life!

5.  Beddy's Beds (code CLASSYCOSMETICS20 for a discount)
This bedding is LIFE! When you look at the price tag you may be a bit hesitant BUT, you are getting sheets, comforter, pillowcase, sham AND a bed that's made every morning!!! Priceless I tell you, priceless. It keeps Sophie arm all night long, she stays put and she can make her bed beautifully by herself at 3 years old. Give me all the Beddy's Beds!!!

I got this journal for Kevin and I can't WAIT to give it to him. reading through all the qustions and prompts have gotten me so giddy to do it with him. Just a few minutes each day and we'll have so much insight into the other persons head. To know what they miss most about our dating years, to know what he appreciates about me and then to be able to share with him what I feel too.

7. Just Ingredients
It's no secret that we have been changing up a lot of things around our home this year in regard to toxins. One huge helper in that change has been Karalynne. She is so informative about ways to switch over your home without it being overwhelming. I have all of her products, all of her bundles of shopping guides and I LOVE them!!!! Such a good gift idea for someone that already has everything.

8. Very Jane
I have shopped for everything cute and fashionable under the sun at Jane. So many boutiques and SO many good deals! They are always changing and bringing you the best of the best!!!

9.  Eyelashes Unlimited  (code CLASSY20 for a discount)
I have been purchasing all my lashes here for YEARS! They have so many brands and accessories for your lash needs. I can wear then re wear one pair of lashes for a good month and a half. So buying a bulk pack at such a good price will have me set for almost half a YEAR! Love the gals that run the site too. Super helpful! Buy some and use my tutorial to get started wearing false lashes. I promise with practice you can be a pro in one week!

10.  Cute Hair Clips
I shop at Forever21 like it's going out of style...is it going out of style? Has it been done for forever? LOL I still love going there for so many detail outfit pieces. And these clips are HUGE right now so why not get them at a super great price? Love them!

11.  Frankie Rose Foundation 
I have raved about this foundation for years and I still am going strong with it. I will be swayed by a different foundation for a few weeks, maaaaybe a month but I keep coming back to Frankie. It's great for all skin types. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing primer and setting spray. If you are oily, use a mattifying primer and setting spray. It's just the best!!!

12.  Weighted Blankets
With my anxiety this blanket helps me to center myself and feel at ease. Just be sure to check the weight that you need. Kev got me one last year for a 250lb man. Needless to say, I couldn't even carry it with one arm! Poor Kev...poor me! LOL 

13. Get Out Pass (code CLASSY for a discount)
Perfect for giving EXPERIENCES!!!! So many different venues in various states. Free outings, hugely discounted outings. Ones that work multiple times and ones to save for once a year. We have LOVED pulling up the website to see what adventure our family will go on next!

14.  Shine Cosmetics
I have used Shine for a few years now and I have to say that these under eye concealers are amazing! So creamy and for a lot of skin types, you don't need powder to set them! They do oxidize ever so slightly (meaning they dry a touch darker). The gals at Shine are amazing at helping you know which one will work best for you! 

15. Body Love Program (code JEN20 for a discount)
This is currently changing my world! It is the most beautiful gift to give to someone you love. I wasn't being very kind to my body in many ways. I wasn't fueling it with the proper nutrients physically but MORE importantly, I wasn't fueling it emotionally. This has taught me so many ways to stop, be grounded, be grateful and present. I recommend this to any and everyone!!!

16.  Cents of Style (code CLASSY for a discount)
Kev said I had too many pictures to fit so I couldn't add Cents. BUT, if you know me, you know that whatever doesn't come from Forever 21, comes from here LOL. The sweaters (Lana specifically) have been a staple of mine for over three years. The Emma primer (my favorite in the whole world) comes from these guys too. They are always having amazing sales and the team running it??? Couldn't love them more! Go find tons of great gift ideas there!!!

17. Anastasia Palette
This particular palette is one I use on the regular! People always compliment the eyeshadow looks I wear when I use it. A touch pricey but goes on sale too (especially during the Holidays). 


Ice Queen

For the first time in forever she accepted the pain, the hurt, the sorrow.  She felt them and let them become apart of her healing.  No loger would she suppress them and act as if everyting was fine.  She accepted that there would be times of complete joy, warmth and contentment....but there is no progress or growth in the comfort zone.  She walked into the cold, knowing it would only be a season, plus....the cold never bothered her anyway.
I'm learning to lean into pain thanks to @simplysadiejane and learning that it makes me stronger.  Makes me wiser and helps me teach my children how to get through tough times.  I am also SO excited to see Frozen 2!!!!! Who's already seen it?  What do you think of my ice queen?  Not a character from the new movie but it was inspired by it for sure ❄.

Products Used:
@paradisepaint in Storm Cloud
@wolfefaceartfx in white
Coconut Flakes
@katvondbeauty Everlasting in Echo