Suit N Tie Suit N Tie

I'm alive!!!! Boy, have my days been filled with photo shoots, blogger events, conferences, youth group obligations, fundraisers and family (not in that order ;D). I have soooooo many posts and pictures to share of all mentioned activities but FIRST I have to share a recent trip to the dapper Mr. Mac for the Mr's new suit! Guys, I'm in LOVE!!!!!! One of my responsibilities in church is being the camp director for all the young women in our congregation/ward. Our huge fundraiser was a carnival and BOY did that take a lot of imagination and hard work.....and I loved every second of it LOL! I'll post more on that later. At said carnival we had a live auction and the most aMAZing things were donated. 

One such donation was a full suit from Mr. Mac in American Fork, Utah. Guys, this place is leGIT and the owner just happens to live in our neighborhood. Well, I knew the Mr. was eyeing that particular item but I knew a lot of other men were too. I was attending to other duties while the auction took place but BOY did I know that he got it when I saw his face!!! He was pretty excited albeit a little nervous to tell me lol. The day of his suit fitting I posted a pic on IG of the final four suits we were debating on.
The response was heeeaaaavily weighted to suit number ONE. We really did love number four with it's brilliant blue hue but sooooo many people have wanted it that it's on back order for forever and harder to get. Weeeeelllllll, we went with......
Number ONE!!!!! After he was measured and taken care of we were told our suit would be ready in a  matter of days! These guys don't mess around and the finished result was more than we expected. The coat is like butter and the pants fit him like a glove. I demanded a fashion show and after a few minutes of prodding he relented (I think he was excited too but didn't want to appear too eager ha!). Now, let's take a moment while the Mr. changes into his new suit. While we were there at the shop with owner Adam Winn, he told us all about the fine quality of suits he carries. Seriously, this man has you covered if you want an inexpensive but well tailored suit all the way to if you want super high end and can drop a few thou. The extensive materials, the ties, the accessories...I never knew I could have so much fun in a man's SUIT store!!! I was particularly interested in the Happy Socks he has available. Have you guys SEEN these? Am I just behind the times in just now loving them?
I wanted him to buy EvErY single PAIR!!!!! Alas, he said they weren't really his "thing" (flash backs of a scene from Honey I Shrunk the Kids). The pout commenced...maybe only in my head to save myself from the embarrassment a childish tantrum would have caused in the middle of such a nice establishment and we left....without them.
Ladies, when my man walked out with his new suit and fresh haircut I think I may have actually giggled. As in, my crush has just walked into the room and I am immediately RED giggled. He looked sooooooo good I could have eaten him UP! The power of a good suit ; ). He strutted around a little to make me laugh, then struck a pose that not only made me erupt into fits of giggles but also made it impossible NOT to see the sock he was wearing. HE BOUGHT SOME!!!!! When his suit was ready for pick up and I was off doing makeup, he BOUGHT some!!!! He is a keeper and I love him. I will name him Squishy and he will be mine. The next day at church I couldn't stop staring at him and decided right there and then that we would need to take a family pic so that I could remember the moment I fell in love with my sweet hubby all over again. Reasons that come to mind and I never want to forget:

He makes me laugh
He is such a good daddy
He is a God fearing man, at church every Sunday with us
He did something that wasn't his "thing" because he knew it would make me smile
He looks soooooooooo hot in his new suit
He loves me and I love him
You may all commence the awwwwwwwws
 And now the oh dears and head shaking LOL!!!
xoxo Jen
(ps you'll notice our youngest is wearing his own crazy socks to match his daddy's. I bought them both a pair of green Christmas socks from the dollar store for crazy sock day. Glad they could be used more than once lol)


Beverly Swimwear Giveaway *CLOSED*

Good good good, good vibraaatioooooons. Oh I can just HEAR the sounds of summer!!!

However, I may cringe, just a little, when someone asks if I'm ReAdY for summer. I know that in years past, it's because I could never find a swimsuit that I could be comfortable in AND be modest. Nor was it in fashion to have suits that covered more of my lower half (which isn't my fav) so they were very hard to find. 
I had found this suit and loved it dearly. When Mr. Kenneth Cole decided to discontinue it I felt impotent and out of control...which I really hate (name that movie). Ladies, I am not a traditional follower of trends. They come and go and make you look utterly ridiculous when looking back through photos lol. One trend that I am SO happy to get behind is the need and desire of more and more girls/women, to be modest. I love love LOVE it!!! Now that summer is quickly approaching I was so excited to team up with Beverly Swimwear because of her amazing patterns, flattering silhouettes, great prices.... AND THEY ARE MODEST!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaand....

are you ready for this? 
ONE lucky reader will win a FREE swimsuit of their choosing from the one and only Beverly!!! 
What pattern will you choose? What style? 

It's quick and easy to enter, here are the deets:
  1. Follow the Classy Cosmetics IG account @classycozmetics
  2. Follow the Classy Cosmetics Blog (psst, that's the blog you're reading)
  3. Follow Beverly Swimwear on Facebook
  4. Follow Beverly on IG @bevswim
If you want to earn more entries, head over to my IG account to tag a few friends. You may also repost this on any social media for extra entries (separate comment for each) Please list a comment below with each requirement you fulfill. For the extra entries (tagging on IG) you may comment here as well. The more comments, the more chances you have to win! Now let the giveaway BEGIN!!!!!
You must be 18 or older to participate. If you are not, you must have your parents permission. Non valid or inappropriate comments will be deleted. We will check authenticity of all entries. Contest will run until Monday April 6th midnight MST. After all entries are verified, we will announce a winner.

 And could you DIE???? You and your smooshie mini me can wear matching suits!!!!! I need a girl, I need a girl! ; D


Project Runway Season 14 Casting Call

I am thrilled to announce that I have teamed up with Project Runway to help promote their upcoming casting call for those of you in the Utah area!!! You could win $100,000 to launch or even expand your clothing line. Do YOU have what it takes?  I only WISH that I had the talent of creating amazing designs and then sewing up a storm....alas, I cannot BUT I can't wait to see the talent gathered for season 14! The deadline is FAST approaching - Monday March 16th is the last day to submit but have no fear! You can now submit an application ONLINE here! You can also email them at prcasting@bunim-murray.com
                        Good luck, and may the odds and ends fabric be ever in your favor!

 Love this dress!!!!


Birthday Month!!!!!

Can I just say that I loooooooove March??? I think from the time you are born, you are made to feel special on your birthday so the whole month kind of has a magical twinkle. I may be getting older and maybe soon I won't think of my birthday month the same......but I've been thinking that for forEVER and yet I'm still so excited every time I see March 1st proclaiming it's arrival! YAY MARCH!!!!! lol I wanted to do something fun since I love showing my appreciation to all of you and I love having giveaways. From now until my birthday (the 8th), I'll be giving away things that I love! Right now if you go to my Instagram (@classycozmetics) there is a necklace that I luuuuurv! 

All you have to do is guess where it's from and it's YOURS! Head on over to see what to do to enter. Can I also mention how much I love this outfit. It is the epitome of ME! I love how colorful, comfy and warm it is. It's a great mixture of textures and patterns. The light blue shirt underneath is pinstriped, and y'all know how much I love any kind of stripe. If you didn't know, now ya do ; ). Do you have any birthday traditions? Any place special you go to eat? Tell me everything!!!
Photos by: Niki Martins
Styling: Jacque 
Pants and Hat: H&M
Boots: Windsor
Blue collared shirt: Forever 21
Green Sweater: Harolds

Good Luck!!! xoxoxoxo