Zombie Tutorial

Here it is here it is!!!!! The zombie look. I got so many comments on this via IG that I was sooooo excited to get it uploaded finally. How are all of your Halloween costumes coming? Are you going to enter into the contest? I have had a few but I am expecting a LOT more from you guys!!! I don't care if it's a simple kitty cat nose. I want to see your adorable faces!!! Sheryl, get all those gals in Texas to enter. You too Danielle!!! Jess, I want to see you and all your makeup artist friends showin me the skillz! Codi? Where you at girl? I love you all and want to see some looks! K, done with exclamation points...for now lol. Here's the link for the contest rules. Here's the how to for Hungry Zombie. I think I shall name her Petunia.


The Chelsea Grin

I am not really a horror type of gal come Halloween but I have the need to practice. I've just been hired to be on a team of makeup artists doing a huge company party at Adobe's headquarters. SO excited and SO knowing some of the people will be more "horror" than me lol. So here is to learning new things and actually having a blast freaking people out!!! This one uses very basic tools and is super quick. Grab your liquid latex and some toilet paper (you heard right) and follow along!!!


Book Club Moments: the Haunting of Hill House

Welcome all ye that enter in Hill House. The rooms are really quite cozy and the atmosphere pleasant. That is, if you can get past all the twisted sculptures, the cold spot in the upstairs hall, the incessant banging on your door at night,"Mother, is that you?" This book was a fun read for me. Was it the best I've ever read? Probably not, but let me share with you a few reasons I would recommend it. I am a fan of imagination. Of not spelling everything out for the reader/viewer. I am a fan of breaths...let me explain. I feel we have entered into an age where we feel our brains need constant information. Not information in the traditional sense but in the sense of cartoons are constant motion, dialogue or action. Movies need to be pushing limits and never leaving you hanging in your seat in suspense. A lot of what I see doesn't leave me enough time to breathe in what just happened before pushing me into the next sequence. This book was written in 1959 and was a major influence for Stephen King....I mean right??? According to the Wall Street Journal, the book is "now widely regarded as the greatest haunted-house story ever written." Now, remember what I said, this book is not your typical blood and gore that you have to sing Disney songs after reading just to get to sleep. This one let's you breathe. There are moments that are slow that I absolutely love because it puts you in the right frame of mind. Alone. Hopeless. The silence engulfs you and it's almost claustrophobic. What a 'haunting' thought yes? YES! 
We were able to discuss this and soooo much more as we gathered in one of our members amazing penthouse in Salt Lake. Most of us met to carpool and we were able to snap a few shots just for fun. The ever amazing McKenzie from Photography by McKenzie came and wowed us with her skillz ;). Check her out here and see how your life will never be the same after knowing her!
Do these not look amazing??? They are Autumn Pear Dumplings with a cream cheese filling. You can see how to make them for your next gathering, party or...I don't know, MEAL here
Look at us. Aren't we creepy? Gothic? Haunting? After lots of selfies (lol) we all jumped into multiple cars with our various yummies that we were bringing and OFF we went! Beth welcomed us in to her dark and leery feeling space holding a black cat and sporting an amazing costume complete with a fascinator that was to die for. 
Everything there was amazing and a feast for the eyes. Her bookshelves were ladened with skulls, potion books and portraits that would change before your very eyes. Her fireplace looks like something straight out of a home magazine and the food table, oh the food table....ya know, I'm just going to let you look at these next pictures without my endless chatter. I'll catch up with you in a few....hours, cuz there's a lot ; ).

I'm baaaaaaaaack.....did you miss me? lol Wanted to show you a few more fun things. Below you'll see the older version of the Haunting playing on the wall. Just eerily hanging there, playing.
Do you see these darling cups with stars? I love this little detail and that's what makes me love this book club. They are all about the details. In the book there is a little girl that has a cup of stars. She doesn't like to drink from any other cup. It must be from her cup of stars. That night, we drank from the stars =). It was a combo of ginger ale, ginger, lemons and limes. I could have had that all night long!
THIS was super cool! In the book the different colored rooms play a big part in the house. Almost as though they are characters in the book. Beth took us on a "tour" of Hill House by changing the color of the lighting in the room we were in with the click of a button. The messages on the wall were most clear (and creepy) when we "visited" the blue room. Brava Beth, brava! All in all? Another successful book club meeting. We are reading Black Moon by Teri Harman if you want to read along and share your thoughts. Teri will be joining us at our next book meeting which happens to be our yearly retreat. So excited to pick her brain =). If you end up reading it or already have and have questions, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to ask her!
Till next time book club lubbers...


Numb By Way Of the Dentist...Let's Apply Lipstick!!!

Silly little video I thought you guys might giggle at, nay, laugh heartily. My mouth was all kinds of numb on one side so I thought...lipstick video!!!!! LOL Enjoy!