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Becky asks:
 "As for your cleaner recipe, I loooooove it and it's all I use now. I'm sure you've mentioned this like 5 million times but do you deep clean your brushes every day? I've been doing that and am wondering what you do. I've tried just spraying on like a washcloth and wiping back and forth but I don't feel like my brush is totally free of shadow since I use a lot of dark or bold colors. It seems to work okay for face brushes though for a couple of days."
 Okay Becks, here's the lowdown. I wash my brushes at LeAsT once a week, as in deep clean. I don't do it everyday. My process? Use olive oil to treat the brushes that have remnants of gel or wax based products i.e. lipstick or gel liner brushes. Just dip them in and wipe back and forth on a rag. Then disinfect all brushes with the homemade brush cleanser. Then to get my brushes SuPeR white (for the ones that are) I clean them again with Clearasil and warm water. After cleansing them all I put the brush guard on them so they look like new and don't fray everywhere. If I need a brush super quickly, sometimes I'll just use the Clearasil and dry it with the blow dryer. Don't recommend that like crazy but sometimes a girl's gotta do ya know?

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Good to know, thanks!! :o)