The Brush Gaurd

I know sometimes after washing my brushes they fray out and don't dry as well as I would like them to. How many of you throw yours into the depths of your makeup bag alone, scared and without protection? =) Well, check THIS out!!!!!

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which slides over brush handles onto the bristles to protect bristles from damage when not in use. The Brush Guard allows makeup artists and others to safely store these valuable tools in a roll or a bag without a worry.

The Brush Guard also offers a unique new benefit that has never been available before: it allows brushes to be dried with the bristles pointing down! When brushes are laid down to dry, moisture wicks into the ferrule, ruining the glue and causing the handle to swell - eventually spoiling the join.

By keeping The Brush Guard slipped over brush handles during a makeup session, artists keep oil and wetness off brush handles and improve the grip.
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