The Hats We Wear

There are soooo many hats we wear as humans. So many that make us who we are. Sometimes when we are in situations that call us to action we switch hats so fast people think we are two different people. I could be laughing & being silly until I hear my child cry in pain & BAM, protective mom/nurse is out & READY! Sometimes my hats blur like when I’m gardening & my sweet angel comes, sits beside me & wants to learn about what I’m doing. I put on my gardening/teacher hat. 
Here on Classy I wear lots of hats & I feel good about that. 
Some of my hats, but not all (cuz for crying out loud I didn’t even do a MAKEUP hat 😂) are: 
🌸 GARDENING It soothes my soul & brings me peace planting with my hands in the dirt. 

❤️ ROMANTIC/WIFE It’s humbling to think that Kevin chose me. That I chose him & that we continue to choose each other. I love him more now than I ever have & it’s BECAUSE of the hard times, annoyances, forgivenesses, humility & acceptance that makes that work. 

🍭 FUN I am a big kid at heart & it helps me to find humor in a lot of situations. I love acting like a goof ball & this year I want to allow myself to do that more during harder times. Laughing is one of my favorite pastimes!!!  

💵 BUDGETER I’m ALWAYS looking for a deal, always looking for ways to be creative without spending & LOVE talking about budgets. We volunteer our time teaching the Dave Ramsey classes & love it! I get excited for projects where I come WAY under budget & we geek out over our finances. Remind me to tell you about the Christmas of ‘16. 

 ✨ DISNEY I could go on for years & years about this place & how it makes me feel. Every single time I throw a party, host book club or a dinner, my Walt Disney hat comes out & it never disappoints!!! 

🤷🏻‍♀️ MOM FAIL I wear this hat often & I’m OKAY with it. I never learn HALF as well as when I fail, or am humbled by needing help or not having it all together. Life isn’t perfect & if it were there would be NO growth! No gratitude! When we fail, we grow!  

 🤦🏻‍♀️ DUNCE I say & do so many stupid things. I am grateful for family & friends that love me despite my flaws & forgive me. I wear this hat more than I’d like. 

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