Disney Beauty Survival Guide

Welcome to my ultimate Disney Beauty Survival Guide (click here for the video). Here are my most favorite products that I have found to keep me going ALL day long at the most magical place on Earth. These are products that are tried and TRUE, no messing around with only "kind of works" stuff. These are legit, the real deal, pinky promise =). Okay, let's get started! First and foremost, we go to Disneyland a lot. Like, a lot for living so far away. 
I used to perform there, went every year multiple times with my parents, dates in college, bridal parties and showers there, had my first date with my hubby there, honeymoon, take the kids when they are babies, ten year anniversary (pictured above)....we LOVE Disneyland!!!! I can't wait to now share all of these secrets that I have been using for YEARS at the park. And trust me, there has been trial and error.
Let's start with the fact that I don't like to wash my hair when we go to Diz. You heard me right (and don't stress, we aren't usually there more than three days). It turns into an absolute frizz ball mess in California and mama aint got time for that!

SO what I use is a mixture of cornstarch and unsweetened cocoa powder. This is a natural option instead of normal dry shampoos found in the store (my scalp reacts badly to chemicals). I either use a designated toothbrush to brush it into the roots or my fingers. The reason for the unsweetened cocoa powder is so that it better matches my hair color. If you are blonde, you can skip that ingredient and you can also use cinnamon if you have red hair. I use these containers to put my dry shampoo and my powder in. 
I always get a ton of questions about what tools I use to curl my hair. These are the only two I use because I'm not very good at hair and it's all I know LOL! 

This iron I used for the curls you see below in front of the Mickey pumpkin. 

This one was used for the Disney Bound Jessie picture.

Let's jump into makeup shall we? Primers make a HUGE difference and you can go here to read all about my favorites for every single skin type. For Disneyland, I use my trusted Emma or the Smashbox. Emma is for sure the least expensive option and if you use the code CLASSY you can get 20% off!!! You're welcome =). Now these primers are going to ensure your foundation looks amazing and stays PUT!!!
For foundation there is a holy grail of an option that I'm going to give you but beware, it's a bit pricey. But I also have a way around that TOO!!! EsteƩ Lauder Double Wear Foundation is the ultimate WILL not move foundation...but is for more oily skin. So if you wear it and you are dry, or maybe just combo, it's going to be very drying on your skin! I use this when I am at Disneyland and it looks AMAZING and lasts ALL day long!!!!! Like I said, it's pricey so here's a tip. If you want to take it for a test run, or you know you'll only need it for this trip, go to the counter, have them match you and then get a sample. It will last you ten days and you can see how much you love it and if you're willing to invest!

Powdering that T Zone will be important to ensure your oil stays away. I like to use Laura Mercier powder, again, using these smaller containers to pour some into.

When you are staying up way late and waking up super early to get the most out of the parks your eyes can start to look a bit bloodshot. These Lumify drops are MAGICAL!!! Just one to two drops in each eye and they are bright white and ready to take pics all around the Magic Kingdom.
There are a few staples with me when it comes to Disneyland. Lashes, red lips and rosy cheeks. I just love that combo so much!!! My lashes I get from Eyelashes Unlimited. They have SO many options and I scored another discount code for you to save 20%!!! Just use CLASSY at checkout to save some money. As far as the glue I use on the regular, it's DUO which you can also get there but when I am at Disneyland or somewhere a bit more humid I use a waterproof glue from House of Lashes (I'm testing another one from KISS currently). It's awesome and great for touch ups with the brush.

My lips I ONLY use Maybelline's 24 hour Color Stay. My fave is to use a slightly deeper red on the outer edges then a cherry red in the middle. This formula stays on ALL day even with eating all the yummy Disney treats and you can even over line those lippies without fear of it seeping up into any wrinkles....cuz I have them...don't do duck faces girls...it will save lives. Did I also mention it's a FRACTION of the cost of some other stay on liquid lipsticks out there??? Cuuuuuz it is!!! ELF has some pretty awesome bright blushes in their quad that they sell. This is the one I am wearing in the video and in most of these pictures.

Now, I'm not a huge eyeliner fan...mostly because of user error in the application process LOL. I'm terrible at it! BUT I know that it's important to some and this eyeliner is so creamy, so pigmented and doesn't MOVE! It's from Pixi Beauty and I love it. Just remember that because it's such a "stay on" eyeliner, it's going to set quickly so don't do both eyes then go back to blend it in. I do one eye close to the lash line and smudge, then the other eye. My fave color is Black Caviar. Watch this video to learn a super cool trick with this pencil (go to 8:15 for the tip).

Now running around all day long, in the heat or not, you are going to sweat at Diz. You are going to want to wear some good reliable deodorant (NOT antiperspirant). For all the reasons I don't wear antiperspirant click here to see one of my FAVE IG accounts that has taught me SO much about my health and how the toxins and chemicals I put on and IN my body have a direct impact on me each and everyday. She also has some amazing deodorants that I LOVE!!! You can buy those here. I also love the ones from MAG SOL (I canNOT get enough of the Jasmine scent!). They are creamy and DON'T leave a rash! Click here to grab yours and use the code CLASSY10 to get 10% off orders of $25 or more.

Let's talk about taking your makeup off! Click here to see my full video on that. 

Disney Bounding is So. Much FUN!!!!! As an adult you can't waltz into Walt's as a character but you sure can pay homage to your faves in this clever way. Think of your character. The colors, the textures, the cut of their costume. How can you be creative, thinking outside of the box and BE the character in a more fashionable, not so cosplay way? Above I am an original Mousketeer. Below I am Mickey Mouse.

Here's a super cute video of my good friend Lauren breaking it down. She is the BEST!!!! You can find more of her here.

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