Sophie Sunday Selfie

We got some AMAZING news this week!!!!! I can’t spoil it yet and are still waiting to hear back from a certain producer but GUYS!!!!!!!!! I am FREAKING out just to have had the chance to chat back and forth with someone I have adored since I was NINE!!!!!!! And it’s all because of this little darling. Sure love this angel of mine, even though she can be saaaaaassssssyyyyyyy (swipe a few to see what happened when I wanted a pic of us fixing each other’s hats). I was laughing so hard tears started streaming and she kept giggling 🤣. 

This week has also been such a painful week with friends being lost, some losing battles with cancer and some heading into the battle with some painful procedures and surgery. All are powerful warriors that have been huge examples to me. I have taken the time to journal as we have done our 14 Day Self Love Challenge (you can still join, see stories to swipe up and get it for free!). It’s helped me to be more present, more grateful and has helped me see where and how can I improve. One huge takeaway from @kimcankickit memorial was how she wrote two things down about her husband and daughter EACH day that was good. I have one child that pushes my buttons to no end and I feel my patience and love could be greatly improved for them if I were to do this. 

We watched A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood last night and I cried like a baby. I learned that there are ways for me to control my temper....I’m glad we got a piano for Christmas. I don’t think it did well in theaters but I am SO glad I watched it!!! So moved by his approach to life and people. I have been changed in a lot of ways this last week. I’m grateful for the hurt, the tears, the joy, the annoyance, the frustration, the anger, the grace and the chance to wake up and try again. To fill my lungs with air and say, “Tomorrow I will do better.”

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