Self Love Challenge

I am beautiful. I have a strong body that takes me where I need and want to go. A body that gave me three children to love here on earth and four waiting for me in heaven. I have eyes and ears that appreciate beauty. I have a heart that feels all the feels for myself and others. That loves God, my husband and my kiddos (even when the latter two can test my patience to no end and vice versa). I would never want to hear my daughter say out loud some of the things I think inside my head. I want to see myself as God and my Savior sees me. 
bodybybreefitness and I have teamed up to embark on a challenge of self love for these next two weeks. For me it will be to remember what I have already learned and put into practice, and learn more techniques and lessons from those I admire and love. At the retreat I just went to I learned from @mckellmakes how important meditating is to her. How it has calmed her mind and helped her to be clear. I also learned about journaling and how just getting it all out helps so much. 
I’ve also learned from bodybybreefitness that I can accept my body right now but it’s also self love to set goals for making it healthier! It does not mean we don’t accept and love our bodies if we want to improve its health, it’s mobility, it’s flexibility. As I get older I feel flexibility is something I need to incorporate 😁. I have so many thoughts and will be sharing them ALL with you for these next few weeks!!! My thoughts on makeup and where it fits in to self love, the body shaming I’ve been through, prompts from our worksheet we made for you!!!! Do you want it??? Of course you do! The link is in my bio. Well send it to your email and you can write thoughts down with us as you follow each thought for the next two weeks. The month of love is not over, and the love we give to ourselves never will be. Let’s do this!!! Tell me one thing you love about your face below. I like my canines 🧛🏻‍♀️😂😂😂.

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