CCPC DAY 1- Bare Face

Eeeeeeeee!!!!!! It’s the first day of the classyphotochallenge. (CCPC) I have been SO excited for this and can’t wait to see all of YOUR pictures!!! We are getting creative with expressing ourselves through pictures from prompts. I want to learn all about YOU and share more about me in a different way. Go back a few posts to see all the prompts and join us! ☘️ Today is BARE FACE. That can be so many things but for me as a makeup artist is really is that. A bare face with no makeup. Letting my skin breathe for a moment. I do it often and usually you can see me on here in stories or at the store with this same face....maybe not the pose 😂. Can you imagine me picking out produce this way 😂😂😂??? ☘️ Join us during this classyphotochallenge all month long! Do one, do them all! Next week will be my birthday and it will have a giveaway every single day!!!!! Woohooooooo 🥳🥳🥳. Be sure to tag me classycozmetics and use the hashtag classyphotochallenge on your POSTS so that we all can see! I will be sharing some on my stories too 🥰🥰🥰.

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