CCPC DAY 22- Disney+

Oh my WORD was I ever anxious to get on disneyplus!!!! To see all the movies from when I was little. To remember the magic, the memories!!! This one was a big one for me. The last time I mentioned it or put a few slides in my stories people thought it was a different movie. Do you know this movie????? 

I filmed a funny sequence and will be posting it in stories here in a sec. I also FILMED this one like I use to so I’m excited to share it. Oh Angela Lansbury, how many wonderful movies you’ve given us!!!! Love her to the moon!

BIG thank you to hellowhimzy for finding this outfit and DYING it to be the perfect shade (who even IS she???) and to mocreations_ for my fantastic broom! The last two pics are just for laughs 😂😂😂.

Name this movie, if you can and tell me what YOU were most excited to see on disneyplus 🥰🥰🥰.

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