CCPC DAY 2 - Books πŸ“š

I'm so excited for Day 2 of the Classy Cosmetics Photo Challenge (CCPC). 
πŸ“š I love books, like LOVE books!!!! Since I was little I loved being able to transport myself to far off lands, see mythical creatures, fall in love with fictional characters and feel deep emotions for them through their journeys. Anyone else mourn the loss of a story once you get to the last page? (Scroll through to see some characters I've done). 

 It’s hard for me to hear a story, true or not and leave it behind. I hear stories from friends, from the news, from books, articles, IG posts and it changes me. The happenings stay with me probably longer than they should.
πŸ“š When authors are really good at what they do, you can’t help but feel passionate about the tales they weave. I’ve had so many encounters with different kinds of books but fantasy will always be my favorite. I have loved being apart of my book club deliciousreads (scroll down) because of the people, the over the top meetings and the wide range of books I’m introduced to. One of those being Strange the Dreamer by lainit. The character above is Sarai, from that book and the sequel Muse Of Nightmares. πŸ¦‹ I loved loved LOVED this book!!!!!

 Another one I am falling in love with is coming to me in pieces. Every now and then I get a new chapter from the novel my sweet friend Kim talkwordytome_ is writing. I am GIDDY to know the rest of the story because it’s that GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

πŸ“šWhat are some books that have changed you or left you dreaming of their world? Leave them in the comments. A few more for me were: the Nightingale, the 13th Tale, Harry Potter, Leadership and Self Deception, Lord of the Rings series, Educated, Illuminae (and all the sequels), Daring Greatly, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Grisha series.

The best book club EVER!!!! Delicious Reads has become a bookclub full of family members to me. We love to read, to celebrate books and to even try and jump into the pages with our clothes, the menu and decor. I've hosted a few times and have loved the opportunity to go all out! These images are from only my second meeting with these girls 6 years ago. Feels like a lifetime. I loved that in the book there were different colored rooms and they all had a kind of feeling or character about them. After eating we dove into our discussion and when we spoke about each room our hostess pushed a button on a controller to make all the lights in the loft turn that color. It was PERFECTION!!!!

We all dressed in our haunted best and feasted on the most beautiful and delicious foods. The pastry wrapped caramel pears and sparkling drinks filled with stars were my favorite. It's hard to forget experiences like this. Every book club has made an impression on me and fills me to the brim with creative ideas and an appreciation for THEIR creativity!!! 

QUESTION!!!! Pretend you formed your own book club filled with the people you love. Knowing all you know now, knowing all the books you have read, what book would you choose to have your book club read? If you had the chance to either decorate yourself or have someone come in and do it for you (I would totally volunteer), which book would you want to escape into? How would you have everyone dress? What would the menu look like? Oh I am just DYING to know!!!! Tell me in the comments!!!

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Amber said...

I really enjoyed the “My Fair Assassin” series, but I don’t know many people that have read it. It is set in medieval France and I could totally see that being a fun theme to use as a jumping off point.