CCPC DAY 15- Movies

Can you name this movie??? I love old movies!!!!! My dad lived any and all John Wayne movies and I gladly sat by his side watching them. He also introduced me to allllll the musicals that I adore. These are but a FEW of the ones I would reach for constantly. 

I loved loved LOVED a good story, a good romance and great music! Sorry abiayres but 7 Brides is TOTALLY one of my favorites. Not like I would let my boys go kidnapping any girls but holy HANNAH the music and the dancing ALWAYS gets to me!!! I still to this day think the live action Beauty & the Beast missed a HIGE opportunity by not having a 7 Brides type barn raising dance during Gastons song.

This first movie is the SOLE reason I have wanted to travel to Ireland my whole life. A dream that will be realized in May of next year with my cute mama!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT!!!!!! The cottage Sean lived in is even a museum now and by hook or by crook we’ll get there!

On the Town and Singing In the Rain made me dance like no other. It was like my little self couldn’t hold it back. I’d LEAP off furniture, slam into walls (I wasn’t that good 😂) but BOY was a happy sitting and watching a musical. 

Xanadu was a more recent one in this line up and I loooooved it so much I’d roller skate to the music on our street. Such good memories associated with each and ever one of these movies. 

I can’t WAIT to hear what your faves are!!!!! Write them here. Can't wait to see what you share!!!!!!

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