CCPC DAY 14- Rainbows

                                                         CCPC Day 14- RAINBOW 🌈
I’m not gonna lie, these last few days I’ve been so preoccupied with everything going on that my heart hasn’t been here. I write when things come to me. Sometimes it comes and I can write for days. Other times...crickets. Today’s post was that. Crickets. I’m sure when I thought of the idea for a rainbow post (and probably when I took these pictures) I was bubbling over with excitement. Today I just took in all the things, made some game plans and just lived. Chatted with friends, laughed, ate good food, played with the kiddos, cleaned the whole house, sat in the sun awhile and had a date with my husband in the empty aisles of the grocery store.

It made me think how much I love all the color in this world and in my life. I love wearing bright colors, seeing them, planting them, eating them etc. I am so grateful for a colorful world that God has made for us. Red was a continuing theme for me this week. Wherever I went, a red lip followed. I wore hats and bows, leggings and bright shoes. I love COLOR!!!!!
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