CCPC DAY 13- Blue

CCPC Day 13 - BLUE πŸ’™
Don’t let all the sadness around you, the virus or the fact that it’s Friday the 13th make YOU blue! Keep being positive, keep moving forward and keep helping others. That makes the sunshine come and the cloud blow away.
We had a family meeting last night about what we can each do to help our bodies stay healthy. To work together as a family through hard times and how to help others. We decided that every day we would be active together in some way to keep our bodies strong. Remembering to wash our hands often, not touch our faces as much (good luck Sophie) and to eat fresh foods with an emphasis on veggies as much as we can. That we would continue learning the gospel in our home study manual we have to keep our spirits strong. Praying together as a family and reading our scriptures daily (which we do in the mornings as a family and love!). When we help others without thought of recognition or reward we call it “Secret Springer Service” and we are committed to continue and even to double our efforts if possible.

When you search for the negative, you will find it. When you search for the miracles, you will find them. Blue initially made me think of sadness and the times when it’s okay to feel it, to recognize it and to keep going with what you’ve learned. But after yesterday, my thoughts changed just a tiny bit. When I think of blue this very moment I think of the bluest sky that’s up above any and all rain clouds that keep us from seeing it. I think of the most beautiful blue porches on Main Street USA and the flowers all around disneyland, even if we can’t see them right now. The color of our beautiful oceans, Sophie’s eyes, a stripe of our rainbow 🌈.

What does blue mean to YOU? Today is MY day to give you something!!! Fresh off my Disney birthday I wanted to give you this beautiful Midnight Masquerade palette from colourpopcosmetics. The shades and pigmentation are divine and hello....its a PRINCESS PALETTE!!!!! Here’s how to enter: Head over to classycozmetics to see how to enter this giveaway!!!! Have a happy Friday the 13th lovies. Amazing things can happen today!!!

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