CCPC DAY 12- Yellow

Bad news first, disneyland & California Adventure are closing their gates starting March 14th and through the end of the month. I am SO glad to have been able to go for my birthday and breathe in the Disney Magic. I was there this morning even and already miss it. BUT when life hands you lemons....make some lemonade!!! 

I’m so excited that @disneyland is giving one lucky winner their choice of Mickey ears from the park! That way we can have the magic of a Disney in our own homes. It especially saddens me that because of this Sophie will no longer be going on stage with one of my idols. Just a few weeks ago THE Jodi Benson (voice if the Little Mermaid)  reached out and asked if Sophie would like to come on stage with her during her performance at Disneyland. I was DYING and so excited!!!! That has now been cancelled. 

I was supposed to stay in California till Saturday but pinners was cancelled and I had to RUN like I never have before to catch my original flight out. I’ll share about that in stories. Today has been a DAY!!!!!! At least I was able to spend my morning with the wonderful vintageinspiredbyjackie and my BOMB Uber driver Alfredo. Because of God, Alfredo and some sneaky girls at the airport (ahem jordanbreeekara_beth2222melissaranewhittakertmeusc) I was able to board just as they were closing the door. Hence this post comin atcha a little late 🥰. NOW, enter to get some ears 😂.  Head over to classycozmetics to see how to enter this giveaway!!!!

So happy to be home safe with my family. I’ll be downing garlic and echinacea for a good while (see the highlight bubble “cold be gone”) and loving on this family while we wait to see about school closures and such. I am grateful for you, I am aware of each of you and I want you to be safe and healthy. We joked about Corona virus (scroll to the end) to keep things light but I know right now it’s very important to stay healthy, listen to @just.ingredientsjust.ingredients and stay positive. We’ve got this!!!!!

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