CCPC DAY 11- Pink

CCPC Day 11 - PINK
Can I tell you a little secret. Up until the DAY I found out I was having a girl, I haaaated the color pink! It isn’t a color that looks super good on me (or I’m choosing all the wrong shades 😂), so it’s not a color I went toward. But now, ooooh nooooow I love it. Maybe not still on me, but I love pink!!!! 

I was so stoked to get a blush Fawny Pack from fawndesign and even MORE excited to offer you the chance to win your own Fawny Pack!!!! Doesn’t have to be pink, make it black, make it grey, brown even 🥰 (lil Sleeping Beauty humor for ya. All you have to do is: Head over to classycozmetics to see how to enter this giveaway!!!!

Love you guys so much and have loved meeting you in the park these past few days. ALSO!!!!!!! Looks like I’ll be at the parks tomorrow as well! Anyone up for a meetup??? DM me and we can chat ❤️❤️❤️ 

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