Hannibal Lecter

Why did Hannibal Lecter not like clowns?

Because they tasted funny. 
How gross is that???? My 14 year old son came up with that caption 😂😂😂. Again, this movie scared the JUNK out of me. I do NOT like scary movies!!! I can’t handle them. If I see something, hear something disturbing I go STRAIGHT for a Disney movie. I was laughing SO hard at a story shared in the comments yesterday because it’s JUST what I do 😂😂😂. We shared our scariest movies yesterday and I think the Ring may have won (I don’t have exact data). NOW I want to hear what you do to try and get RID of the feelings that scary movies bring. Me? Seriously, a Disney movie all the way!!!! It brings me back to calm, back to happy, back to innocence. What do you do??? Share with everyone below 

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