Disney Villains: Wicked Queen

Magic mirror on the wall, whoooo is the fairest one of all? 

This queen had the wrong idea about “chasing pretty”, can I get an amen? There are so many beautiful things in this world and it’s okay to be in love with them, to appreciate them and bask in their, well, beauty! I am overwhelmed each time I go to Disney. The beauty of the details, the pretty shops and decor. But what if the inside of these beautiful buildings was covered in rotten garbage? We’d think twice about entering again even though the outside is still beautiful! Wanting to teach my little Sophie to be beautiful on the inside and that’s its okay to be beautiful on the outside too. Balance Queen, that’s what you were missing. In the beginning of the movie and well, at the end too.

Products used:

Tarte Shape Tape Wolfe Body Paint Maybelline 24 hour stay liquid lip color ELF blush quad (light)

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