Bean Muck

I have had sooooo many requests for this simple and somewhat silly meal that I just had to finally get it all down in writing. I say silly because it is just so ridiculously simple yet the kiddos LOVE it!!!!! Okay, here's what you need:
 1 jar of salsa, any kind and temp you like.
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 3 of your fav beans (. Here's a lil tip. I use two cans of non flavored beans i.e. black and kidney drained, and then for some sweetness, I add a can of flavored baked beans, not drained). You can do a can of pork and beans or honey flavored, whatever suites you. I you want to just use three cans of unflavored beans I would just recommend adding about a 1/4 (or less) cup of brown sugar for sweetness.
 MEAT! You can always omit this if you are an herbivore ; ) but we love our meat! I have done either a lb of chicken or a lb of seasoned hamburger meat.
Shredded cheese....and this you can use as much of or as little as you'd like.

I must insist that THIS is the right way to eat Bean Muck and that THESE are the chips you must use LOL!!! Okay, do what you want but I promise your taste buds will SING and dance when you scoop with the Fritos Scoops rather than any other chip or using a spoon.
Here are some extras that you can add to the "mix" if your family wants:
fresh onions
green onion
olives (we use the kind below for it's clean ingredients)
Now for the easy part, how to cook it all. There are a few different options on how to add the meat based on your schedule. Set your crockpot to low (6-8 hrs) add frozen chicken and all the other ingredients besides the cheese (and chips). Add the cheese about 20 min before serving (or until melted) and serve hot.
Your other option is to add everything to the crock pot (besides the cheese and chips), then cook up and season your meat before mixing it into the "muck". Still add the cheese about 20 min before serving. 
You can cook this quickly on the stove top as well if you cook up your meat separately and just add everything together till hot.
This is a great meal to bring to someone that just had a baby, is blue or had surgery and it freezes really well. It yields quite a bit too so I like to have tortillas on hand so the next day I can use the innards for burritos...mmmmm. Always good to have a meal that can help you out twice! 
xoxo Jen 


Walissa said...

Jen, do you drain and rinse the beans?

Jen said...

I drain and rinse the non sweetened or flavored beans. I don't drain the pork and beans. = )