Make It Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

This scrumptious meal has become a go to comfort food dinner for our family. The boys love it and mom loves the fact that they are eating their veggies =). This recipe is from allrecipes.com with a few "Jen" tweaks in there. Below the pie is shown just before baking and before I put the second pie crust on top. Hope you enjoy it!
 Here are just a few of the scrumptious ingredients you'll find in this flaky amazing pie.
 I took a screen shot from allrecipes.com so I'm sure the sale on chicken maaaaaaay have already expired LOL. Sorry for the tease =). One of my tweaks is that I use chicken breast and I add a few thighs in there for a more rich flavor. Also, if you know me, then you know that every time a recipe calls for bouillon, I use organic, reduced sodium Better Than Bouillon. You can find a nice big jar at Costco and it is WORTH every penny (not that it's too terribly expensive). If you also want to add potatoes into the mix then by all MEANS do so!!!! I love me some good potatoes. Just make sure to boil them for about 20 min and then add them to the other veggies so that they cook long enough.
Now here's the "how to" for everything. Super yummy and kid approved! Add a side salad and you are really getting your kids veggies in, which is awesome!!! Let me know what you think ; ).

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Rose Donaldson said...

Lots of good vegetables for dinner.And for health.