Jambalaya Y'all

Okay, here is what we made for Make It Monday and I have to tell you....I am obSESSED with this recipe. Forever and a day ago my husband worked for a company called Melaleuca and he was over the south district. He was able to go and visit many of those that he mentored and one of the sweet ladies gave him this recipe for jambalaya. If I could meet this woman and hug her forever....I would! There are very few things that I've changed about it (I'm a tweaker). Ready to die from an explosion of flavor in your mouth???? Okay, here goes!

Here's the recipe card in the woman's own handwriting...seriously a treasure! Instead of vegetable oil, I use either olive or avocado oil. For the chicken broth, I only EVER use Better Than Bouillon that you can find at Walmart or Costco:

And for the sausage I get this kind. There are a few that saw "beef" smoked sausage but do NOT be fooled...THIS is the sausage you are looking for ; ).
And the last thing is that I don't put in as much cayenne pepper as it calls for. I do just a dash but I have it out on the dinner table in case someone wants more.  To make this even creamier (and just PROMISE you'll try it before you knock it) add just a touch of mayo to your bowl and mix. This goes great with garlic french bread too! Enjoy everyone and let me know how it turns out for you!

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