Metallic Lips

I have been obsessed lately with bold lips. Let's be honest, when have I NOT enjoyed a good strong lip? lol This time it's a touch different because I am throwing eyeshadow into the mix. Lately I have been wearing the same. exact. eyeshadow. every day! Have you been in that rut? It doesn't look bad, I actually love it....but all the fun eyeshadows I have are practically screaming at me,"Why the JUNK did you buy me if you're not even going to wear me???"

Well, I have decided to no longer dismiss their cries. I have found that a simple dap of a sparkly, metallic eyeshadow on the lower lip adds a TON of drama and intrigue...and I LOVE it!!! This lip has been my go to as of late. Isn't it stunning? Its a concoction of different brands that I have grown to adore. 
First, I used Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in "Bachelorette" (that's right, no liner!). Her formula is amazingly silky and then dries super matte. There's a reason her line of makeup is the fasted growing line out there right now (it even surpassed Bare Minerals). It can be drying, as most lasting lipsticks are, but I use either olive oil or coconut oil to remove it and enjoy the moisture those products give my lips. 
I also have become a huge fan of Bite lip balm which is super thick and moisturizing.

I digress...the next step is the take Dose Of Colors Lasting Lipstick in "Berry Me" and somewhat line the lips and fill in the outer corners to deepen up "Bachelorette". 
 WHILE IT'S STILL SOMEWHAT WET take MAC eyeshadow in "Goldmine" and dab a bit onto your lower lip. This has and will open up a whole new WORLD of possibilities!!! What color combos are you going to try? Pink, orange, the amazing new blue lippies that are out there??? Holler!!! =)

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