Some of you have been followers for a long time. I feel that I have shared all my thoughts and feels about the last few years and how we've been trying to have a lil angel come down to out family. It took us about 5 years and four losses to get to where we are now and I feel like shouting for joy!!!!! I have kept it a secret for so long because I was scared of having another loss but GUYS....I am like 5 months now, 20 weeks and a day and I can't hold it in (literally lol) anymore!!! 
I'm pregnant!!!!!
We are going to have a smooshie....and not just any smooshie. We are having a GIRL!!!!! I still am in shock and can't quite believe the blessings we are being given. The boys are just thrilled and can't wait to have a baby sister. We have chosen the name Sophie Rene Springer. Isn't that the sweetest name? I am so in love with her already an talk to her often. We didn't find out with either boy what we were having so this is all so amazing and new to know who is in there and to have girly conversations lol!
Watch, she'll totally be a tomboy that wants nothing to do with bows, skirts or makeup....what will I have to offer her LOL??? Growing up with all boys I mostly played with all boy things. I have this darling picture of my family seated around the table for my third birthday. We are all eating cake and I am wearing my birthday present around my waist. My perfect new gun holster and pistols BUT I am sporting the cutest lil 80's dress ha ha ha!!! I was NEVER out of a dress...in the mud, in the bedroom playing with HeMan and She-Ra (the only acceptable Barbie doll for me) and racing around the house. I sure hope she likes dressing up as much as me.....cuz her closet might already be stocked and I'm already speaking to a bow boutique to get her started on all things large in your hair LOL!!!
Guys, I am just so excited to be in this stage of life. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, we are debt free, we live in a beautiful neighborhood filled with people we love, our boys are self sufficient and becoming darling gentlemen everyday. This will be a wonderful time to welcome a newborn babe straight from Heaven. I am a little nervous seeing as how it will be about a 9 year gap between Soph and my youngest, I get really bad postpartum depression and I'm totally starting over after being out of the game so long. Have you guys ever been through any of these things? What are your thoughts? Have you tried anything that worked wonders for you with depression after a baby? Do you have a big gap with any of your kids? Pros? Cons? I need your input!!!! I love you all and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your emails and well wishes. I feel your support and it makes me truly humble and grateful!


Ash. said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEN!!!! How exciting for you and your family. Best wishes for your pregnancy!!

SKIN22 said...

I SERIOUSLY started crying while reading this. SO SO SO stinking happy for you!!!!

Jenny said...

I'm really happy for you, beautiful!

Sarah Bonn said...

That is wonderful news! Congratulations! I don't see ads for baby gear much these days, but when I do, my thought is almost always "Where was THAT when mine were babies?!" LOL it will be a whole new world of shopping for you this time around :)