1960's Glam Shoot

Tell me you don't remember these from your mother. I seriously think my mom had a million patterns to make some of (what I thought at the time) cutest most fashionable clothing. I figured they would look just like the skinny minnie model wearing them. 
From an early age I knew two things:
A: I was TOTALLY born in the wrong era for my fashion tastes (give me the 30-40's ANY day!)
B: I wanted to sew my own clothes to make exactly what I wanted no matter what the current style dictated. 
Well, sewing was cancelled out early on as I haven't the patience nor the talent to do it, but BOY can I dream up the silhouettes I want and the textures to combine. When darling Kara contacted me from While Camden Sleeps I was super excited...albeit a bit hesitant to say yes. Anyone that knows me knows that I am only comfortable in front of the camera for candids. For silliness and laughing at the world. When you ask me to pose or be coy, serious, ANYthing involving holding still and trying to act carbon based...I freeze and look constipated (sorry TMI). Am I really alone in this??? Anyway, she is an absolutely amazing human being and is SO talented. Check out her Instagram feed to see what I mean. She can pick out the NASTIEST looking piece of clothing from a second hand store and transform it into pure perfection. I am seriously amazed at what she can do! This time, Kara's mind had been working on a 1960's glam idea. Of taking a few bloggers and having each of us transform into a modern Madmen dream. I was so excited to "decade hop" that I forgot all worries of posing. Ready???
 Let me introduce you to my fellow Stepford wives ; ). From left to right we have Kara, Sierra, Dani, Mackenzie and me. Our darling, spunky and all around entertaining photographer DeAnna whisked us away to the amazingly picturesque Memory Grove Park. If you live in Utah and are looking for a gorgeous place to take your next family pictures, I highly recommend it. A word of caution though...every other person on the planet will also be there. There were groups everywhere getting photos done. Bloggers, families, seniors, weddings, it was nuts but very worth it!
 So in love with the jewel tones of these dresses.
Looking fierce...unless you didn't get the memo and decided to smile.
 This dress is everything. Want to know the funny story behind it? My niece bought it for her homecoming dress and then another just like it in ice blue. I was so gaga over both that I asked pretty please to borrow it. Just behind me in this quaint cottage, a darling wedding was taking place. Seriously, this place was hoppin! 
Planning my outfit, makeup and hair was such a fun escape that I totally want to do more eras. My good friend Aubrey was kind enough to stay after a party we threw together, to help me rat the junk out of my hair and create this awesome side ponytail. We ratted for forever then clipped the top section in the back. That way the ponytail wouldn't weigh it down. Then I pulled hair over to the side, did a simple ponytail and wrapped hair around that. For makeup I went super classic. Black winged eyeliner and ruby red lips thanks to MAC's Ruby Woo.

Now for some fun "behind the scenes" tidbits:
- My dress was too big so we pinned it like crazy in the back.
- Kara's dress arrived hours before the shoot.
- For the pic above we had to wait for another group to get sone then RUN to snag it next...in heels.
- I am SO lucky, I get car sick a lot (so dumb). It got so bad that on the way Kara stopped on the side of the road and let me drive!
-It took three days and a LOT of deep conditioner to get my hair back to normal.
-This pic below was an afterthought after showing them the coat and glasses I brought...just in case HA!
I seriously loved meeting and working with all of these fantastic ladies and I want you to check them all out too! You're welcome ; ).

Just curious. If you could pick ANY era to travel to, be it for the clothes, the events, people, whatever...which one would you choose and why?

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Harlynn said...

You all look so beautiful! The era choice shows class. I love your hair, couldn't help but laugh when reading how long it took to get back to normal, haha. Mackenzie has a lovely style dress and color, yours is my favorite (I'm a sucker for lace).
Would have loved to experience Woodstock, and actually saw Arlo Guthrie live two-years back! The 60's would be my era. Before Manson killed the hippie scene and disco took over.

- Harlynn