All Hail Hale

Something wicked this way comes!
Halloween just makes me giddy. Grinning ear to hear, can smell caramel in the air want to dress up all day long GIDDY!!!! Our neighborhood has a witches night out every year and it is so much fun!!! Amazing food, fun games and great gals to chat the night away with. Last year I was a spunky witch and used items that I already had on hand. I love being creative and it was super fun to piece everything together. This year I was so crazy busy out of my mind that I honestly didn't even THINK about what I was going to do till the day of....the DAY OF!!!!! What a terrible example of an over planner....bleck! Well ENTER Archive Costumes at Hale Center Theater in Orem. Seriously, all I had to do was walk in, tell them my dreams and they were OFF!!!! The manager Kris (who is an absolute doll and GENIUS) pieced together my masterpiece of a costume. That's RIGHT! This costume was built piece by piece. She came zipping in and out of some secret, magical, huge closet (that I desperately want to peruse one day) with lace, an ascot, clock works, a cane, gloves, a petticoat, ribbons and strings! 
I was memorized by her speed, her attention to detail, her style! All of these costumes were tailor made for performances given at the Hale Center Theater and lovingly stored (remember the magic closet?) so that I could waltz in one day and be completely pampered and taken care of.
Kris made me into the "Witch of Time" and adorned the dress and hat in all things steam punk time-esque.
The party that night was officially something I could look forward to with the proper degree of excitement and anticipation. All I had to do now was find the perfect makeup tutorial to match this perfect outfit. HERE  was the tutorial I used and tried to do justice to. I had two other witches I was getting ready that night so I was able to practice practice before I completed my look. I showed up, knocked a few times before I let myself in leeeaaaning on the cane and hunching over. The gasps and laughter were perfect! 
Such a fun night and I won THE most heavenly smelling candle for my ensemble. Thank you Archive Costumes at Hale Center Theater for saving my J-Lo. I know where I'll be going every month for my book club costume!!! What was your fav costume to wear ever for Halloween?
If you are in the Utah Valley area check out Archive costumes on these social sites:

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Kelsey Bang said...

Sounds like the perfect Halloween! Too fun!