Zombie Tutorial

Here it is here it is!!!!! The zombie look. I got so many comments on this via IG that I was sooooo excited to get it uploaded finally. How are all of your Halloween costumes coming? Are you going to enter into the contest? I have had a few but I am expecting a LOT more from you guys!!! I don't care if it's a simple kitty cat nose. I want to see your adorable faces!!! Sheryl, get all those gals in Texas to enter. You too Danielle!!! Jess, I want to see you and all your makeup artist friends showin me the skillz! Codi? Where you at girl? I love you all and want to see some looks! K, done with exclamation points...for now lol. Here's the link for the contest rules. Here's the how to for Hungry Zombie. I think I shall name her Petunia.

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Unknown said...

Only thing missing is creepy contact lenses. :)