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 Delicious Reads has a series called "Looks From Books". We have so many talented ladies in this book club that you can almost get overwhelmed with giddiness thinking about the possibilities. I'm a little late in posting this because of the craziness that ensued during Halloween but better late than never, right?!? Here is my first collaboration with Jacque from Looks For Lovelies. We all discussed having a literary character that we could use to inspire us to find a costume in our own closets. We wanted something unexpected. Something that could be visually stimulating without anyone having ever really thought to use said character. We decided on Hedwig; Harry Potter's beautiful snowy owl. We were pretty excited at the possibility of feathers, I must say LOL! 
Love this girl with my whole heart so it was fun to bring her in and play with her face =).
Jacque is a styling master and made this crown and neck decal for our stunning model Kara. Staying true to wanting to find pieces you already own we went straight to our closets. 
This coat comes from Bebe and belongs to yours truly. LOVE the elegance of the faux fur collar and the way I feel instant glam whenever I wear it. Interesting fact about female snowy owls: they aren't as stark white as the male and often have darker markings. Needless to say, this cream coat worked perefctly and the darker feathers in the crown and necklace were quite accurate ;D. Jacque went through Kara's closet to pick out the clothing pieces. Top: Choies.com Skirt: Downeast Basics Shoes: Forever Young Shoes
Our amaaaaazing photographer captured a few behind the scenes as we pinned and tucked =). Big shout out to her since she is one of my favs to use. Loves to Niki from Niki Martins Photography.
One last seeeeeerious face cuz that's what models DO! lol

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