The Chelsea Grin

I am not really a horror type of gal come Halloween but I have the need to practice. I've just been hired to be on a team of makeup artists doing a huge company party at Adobe's headquarters. SO excited and SO knowing some of the people will be more "horror" than me lol. So here is to learning new things and actually having a blast freaking people out!!! This one uses very basic tools and is super quick. Grab your liquid latex and some toilet paper (you heard right) and follow along!!!


Abbi said...

aaah! You scared me when you didn't put vaseline on first! It makes it so much easier to remove later. This website was a major help to me when I made a zombie mask in drama class earlier this year


I suggest painting the teeth first for a more realistic look. I still have my mask and plan to reapply it for Halloween. I also recommend this stuff for scars


I used it to make a zombie bite and it was so easy! Just apply it in a bite mark pattern then use eyeliner pencils to color it. Best of luck with your horror-themed looks!

Jen said...

Great tips!!! Thank you so much. I am all about how to do something better and it is ALWAYS good to hear from someone that knows the ins and outs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Off to get me some vaseline...cuz yes, it hurt when I took it off LOL!!!