Women Be READin!!!

Can we  go back in time? Just a little? My dad was my hero growing up. He knew EvErYtHiNg about anything. He was sooooo strong and I loved what he loved. He loved to read. I remember going into his "library", which was basically many long bookshelves against a wall in the living room, and wondering what was inside each book. There were fat ones, thinner ones that almost got lost in between the bigger novels. There were colorful books and some that looked so old that they might crumble if you tried to touch them. I remember he would read to us and it seemed to transport him to another world. He had so much hero magic in him that he was able to take us right along with him on his adventures. The scriptures, Lord Of the Rings, the Hobbit, C.S. Lewis' classics, the Wizard of Oz Books, Anne Of Green Gables and so many more. I remember he bought me the Little House On the Prairie books and I couldn't have been more excited to be starting my very OWN library! I, too, had a bookshelf in my room and tried to fill it just like he had done with his. 
My father gave me my love of reading.

I will be EVER grateful for such a tremendous gift. Even now, if I meet someone that doesn't looooove to curl up with a book on a cool autumn day, or a rainy day, a snowy day, a HOT day for that matter my heart hurts for them. Picky eaters are made and so are lovers of books. My boys and I have read the Hobbit and will start the Lord Of the Rings just as soon as we have Harry Potter out of our systems. We are on the fourth book and since they haven't seen that movie they hang on every word, curled up in their beds as their mother creates voices and accents for each character. I pray those boys will feel my love for the written word and will pass it on to their children.
I joined a book club....no, that's doesn't quite cover it. I joined an adventure, an experience! I have never before belonged to a book club before and for that reason I had nooooo idea what to expect. I had no preconceived thoughts or expectations. Sure, I heard their description of throwing extravagant parties but I was in no way prepared for what was to come. The first thing I was blown away by was the overall order before I even CAME to the meeting. There is a hostess, a moderator, a book blogger, a fashion blogger doing "looks from books". There is a FB & IG page, a blog, they tweet!!! There is an evite invitation that is sent days before the meeting where you can rsvp and sign up for food to bring. We read Leigh Bardugo's Grisha series and were celebrating the thrid book "Ruin &Rising". I was so excited for a Russian "esque" book having lived there for a few years. I signed up for the drink and counted down the days. Ladies, these girls do NOT mess around and I am SO excited to be apart of their group. Get ready for some amazing pics cuz they decorated, brought loads of delicious food from the book and they DRESSED UP!!!!! I was in HEAVEN!!!

 The food was absolutely to DIE for. Roasted chicken, vereniki, pickled beets with goat cheese (YUM!), Russian black bread with THE yummiest homemade garlic butter I have EvEr tasted, cakes, fruit, caramel drizzled cream puffs, mushrooms baked in cream, stuffed eggs, and cauliflower with potatoes. ARE YOU DROOLING????

 The mirrors are a big part of the books and the sun flares were just icing on the cake. Twinkle lights, gold encrusted fruit, candles and linens in gold were draped everywhere.

 Our "Sun Summoner" (and moderator) looked absolutely perfect in every detail! She made her crown and wore makeup pinned by the author on Pinterest. And speaking of the author......WE SKYPED WITH HER!!!!!! It was so amazing for Leigh Bardugo, herself to make time for us. To answer all of the burning questions everyone had, to giggle, share her own thoughts on the characters and other books we have read. I was just so blown away but her amazing detailed answers to everything that was asked. Find her on IG under the name LBardugo

At the end I was given this darling card (reminiscent of the cards in the back of our elementary school library books) to tell me details of the books for the year, who's home and various other details. Are you dying of perfection???? I am, and what a way to go! We will be reading "The Haunting Of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson next. Feel free to read along and email me your thoughts! Till next time (insert us all singing the Reading Rainbow theme song here).

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