Oh Back To School

I've always been one that was excited about "back to school time". Back home in California it was always in September so we had the Fall to look forward to. I loved the crunch of the leaves, the hustle and noises of kids rushing to school. The laughter, the excitement of what teacher you got and who would be in your class. I loved the carnivals, the new school clothes, the new supplies (I was and still am a sucker for all office supplies and the colors associated with said topic). Now that I am a mom, I have mixed feelings about school starting. I've not ever been a mom to cry when they leave and miss them the whole day. I am usually there in the classroom helping out, then taking a few days a week for myself. The thing I am nervous about is making sure they behave themselves as gentlemen, hoping that I have taught them well enough to stand up for "the little guy". To choose the right wherever they are, to be active in participating during class time, ya know, normal mom hopes. I thought it would be only appropriate to have a back to school shoot! Here are a few of my favs from the amazingly talented Niki Martins Photography.



 Niki is amazing and I love that she captured these gorgeous mountains that I look out of my window to see everyday. Utah is such a beautiful place to live!!! Love my lake, love my mountains.

Outfit Deets:
Blouse, belt, bow: Forever 21
Skirt: small boutique in Jackson Hole but re-constructed by Holly Sundstrom
Tie: Tie One On (First one I purchased just for me! I usually steal from the hubs or the kids LOL)

Makeup Deets:
Lashes: Demi Whispies in black by Ardell
Shadow: MAC Bamboo & Handwritten in crease, Shroom on brow bone
Lips: Laura Mercier Sugar Violet Lip Stain

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Unknown said...

I freaking love this outfit! So stinking gorgeous girl!