Whippy Cake Is the Best Cake EVER!!!

Okay, so maybe she isn't cake, and her name isn't Whippy (it's Becki) but she is the next best thing! She's an amazing makeup artist, hairstylist, fashionista. Her Instagram account is just riddled with beautiful images of her, her clients and her darling family. She was working with a site called Brickyard Buffalo and was modeling some different pieces she loved. As soon as I saw this sheer skirt I.Was.Dying!!!!!! She shows how to wear it over a bathing suit but also suggested wearing it over a high wasted pencil skirt.....WHAT???? Well, it was caaaaalling my name, so naturally I had to get over to said site and order it FAST before it went out of stock. At least that's how I explained it to the hubs because if Becki is wearing it and says she loves it, it will fly off the cyber shelves (and they did btw). I was SO tickled to order mine and when it came I had gotten in super late from doing makeup that whole day for a wedding shoot. It was dark, few lights were on but the light above a certain "I just got delivered today" package was no light my house was providing. It was heavenly and it was radiant. I knew what the package was before I even looked at the label....MY SKIRT!!!!!! I tore into the bag and angels began to sing. I couldn't wait to put it on and wear it out to the pool, church that sunday, to Walmart (keepin it real). I posted the package on IG and Whippy Cake Becki girl herSELF made a comment that I had to model it.....well WHO am I to disappoint Becki??? I figured this would be the perfect way to model since it had already been tried and tested and would add a wee bit of humor to the mix =D. Hope she likes it! Ladies, this skirt is amazing and I love it! Runs very small so I didn't breathe for most of the shoot but after I get my girl Holly to work her magic, it will fit perfectly!!! Here are a few more shots from the day, taken by the amazing Niki from Niki Martins Photography.

And by the way I am obSESSED with my newest lipstick from MAC called Relentlessly Red. I adORE the shade and the matte sheen. 
Headband: Forever21
Swimsuit: Target
Tan (you heard right): Aubrey of Endless Glow Now


Dara Lynn said...

gorgeous skirt!! It fits you perfectly!!! Following you both is such a win win combination..yep:) BTW ...Mac has another red ...ruby woo....which I completely LOvE!

Unknown said...

Oh, wow, you look stunning! Love your posts! I'd like to follow Becky also, would you give out her blog/site? :)

Jen said...

Oh Dara Lynn, I have that color too and loooooove it!!!!! =D

Jen said...

Konyeshno Anatasiya =). It's whippycake.com