It's So Haaaaaard To Say Goodbyyyyye

Sooooo I'm not over these vests yet. So that means I'm going to still wear it till I'm done. Anyone have a problem with this, ha! May I also liberate you? No matter what fashion dictates, if a style looks good on you and you like it, then wear the HECK out of it, yes? Notice the two ideas needing to be combined. IF it looks good on you and IF you like it. Don't wear something that's in fashion if you haaaate it. Shouldn't you have a love affair with your clothes? Get giddy when you pull it out to wear it? Hint: the answer to that is yes ;). I have known for quite some time that I have some legs on me that are framed just so, so that short shorts will NEVER look good on me! I don't care if they come back and are SUPER popular every five years. I WILL not wear them (sometimes it takes a good friend to tell you the truth about what you are looking like...or camp leaders in my case =/). Capris will always be my best bet when it is warmer or the more fitted Bermuda shorts. If circle skirts come and go I will STILL be wearing them because they accentuate my smallest feature then bell out to cover what I don't love. Just remember, low riding jeans are never a good idea if you have serious muffin tops. And if you don't have said tops, then don't wear your jeans so tight as to create them. Even if you wear an undershirt, if your rolls are protruding all over, go up a size. Size never should matter (unless its a good indicator of not being healthy) but how your garment FITS is everything. Wear colors that make you happy and don't make you look washed out. Lean on a friends advise that you trust to be honest AND kind! With that said, I hop down off my soap box and leave you with this final thought. Be bold, have fun and never take yourselves too seriously with fashion. I don't know half the time what I'm doing but I looooove still doin it =). Peace and love beauties!

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