Stylin, So Fanceeeeee

So I have been obsessed with Brooke from Politely Posh (directly overhead) for a while now and JuMpEd at the chance to have her dress me pretty! The first time she did was at the Amara Spa event and I just felt so pretty in what she picked out for me. Head to toe rock princess was I ; ). Today was sophistication with a touch of LEATHER! That's right, I said it, leather! I always get a little nervous around that material but I trust Brooke not to steer me wrong. 

These shoes from Forever 21!!! Wish I could steal them and put them in my closet...but alas they are too big for me....STOP LOOKING SO CLOSELY NOW! lol

 She is so much fun to work with and always makes you feel so beautiful...and giggly lol.

Outfit deets:
Grey top: Forever 21
B&W sheer striped top: Forever 21
Black leather skirt: Nordstrom
Bracelet: Forever 21
Shoes to die for: Forever 21
White purse: Forever 21

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