Clean Mind, Heart and Body and a Revamp of the Blog!!!

I am, for the most part, a very happy person. I love (in no particular order) life, my family, God, my friends, a good party, a good treat and all things pretty, attention to detail, singing, dancing, laughing, quiet moments with a book and a blanket, hot cocoa on a wintery day and BIG windows for a lightning storm just over the lake. There is so much in this life that is worth loving and learning about. I cannot TELL you how many emails I received after asking you if you would mind me sharing other aspects of life on here with you. Thank you! Thank you for being so supportive, kind and for responding =). As one of you pointed out, it's basically all girly anyway (the topics I wanted to share) and I quite agree! My hubby is already working hard on a revamp for the look of the blog and I couldn't be more pleased and excited! In keeping with the theme of a multi themed blog I wanted to share some triumphs with you =). I officially hit 126 lbs today!!!!!!! This may seem like not that much if you have been following the weight loss but it IS when connecting it to the fact that I have been trying to lose inches and body fat rather than lbs. I was just so tickled to see a lower number since I hadn't in a while {giggle}. I was SUCH a silly girl and didn't measure myself at the VERY beginning of this journey (6 weeks ago) and only started (better late than never) 2 weeks ago. Within that time frame of 2 weeks, I have lost 2 inches from my thighs & waist and an inch from my J-Lo, which is saying something! I have also taken my body fat down considerable and have been feeling a HUGE difference in my clothing. I feel...the best way to put it is "clean".
I feel light and clean on the inside as I have taken out a lot of the toxins and unnecessary things we have in our foods. I like buying fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, natural applesauce and peanut butter, brown rice (cooked with coconut oil is to DIE for!) and wheat pasta. My kids love it, I love it and I cheat like there is NO tomorrow on Saturdays LOL. This really is a win win and I have been SO impressed with the community on Facebook for Revolt. They are all there to encourage, advise, and uplift. Nichole Huntsman has been such a positive influence in making me want to be stronger & healthier {look for an interview with Nichole herself here on the blog soon!}. If you have been looking for a change, a way to start being more healthy then this really is the program for you! It was very easy for me to slip into it since I felt someone was "holding my hand"as I started the diet & the workouts. It was clear & easy to start. It for sure took willpower on my part but I. Was. Ready!!!!! I think that I pushed myself to really follow clean eating but I think I can push myself in the workouts a little more. This was the last week for the 6 week challenge but I am going to keep going! I am on my way & am NOT going to stop now!!! If you want to start at the beginning & come on this journey with me, then Revolt Fitness' site {here}. Right now they are doing a FREE 3 day preview & you can see why I love it so much! What are your goals to be healthy a little bit every day? What inspires you & makes you happy? What is your "why" for wanting to either change or maintain your lifestyle? I would love to know more about YOU!!! Leave some comments to get us all thinking =). Love you guys!!!

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