Revolt Take TWO!!!

Just a quick post to tell you that after the 6 week challenge, I am ready for round TWO!!! Revolt chapter 2 is going to be VERY different. I just hope my stupidity/confession helps someone else. I didn't get my login info till late in the detox week (6 weeks ago) so once I got it I just went to town and tried to make up for lost time. Didn't read the start up guide (BIG mistake!!!), didn't drink my gallons of water till maybe the third week, didn't use the weights I was supposed to (wimpy 3s...I know, I know), didn't add an extra circuit like I was supposed to, didn't measure and use calipers (sigh)...BUT had I done it then I might not have had the same motivation as now! I have lost 11 lbs, gone down 2 sizes and am SO ready for this next chapter!!! I have upped the weights signIFICANTLY and have felt SO good during the last few days' workouts. SO sore and I love it!!! I know this works, I know I can do this and I KNOW that these next 6 weeks are going to be amazing!!!!! Wanna "revolt" against YOUR before pictures? Go GET it!!!!!! =)


The Nowell's said...

So happy for you! Get it girl! Can anyone join this program?

Unknown said...

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