Teal & Caramel Random Tutorial

After opening up my Ipsy bag for the month of March I had this urge to use the colors in there from Yabby Cosmetics. They so PERfectly matched my outfit and so I decided to do a very last second tutorial. Somehow it turned into "deep thinking" and reflections...hope you don't mind ; ). I have just been thinking a lot about life lately, friends, family and creative outlets. This is definitely an outlet for me and I am super appreciative of you guys for watching, commenting and learning with me. I feel like I am branching out in all areas of my life and was wondering how you guys would feel about me posting about them from time to time. I throw parties for people, I would love to share what I do and the ideas I've come up with. I'm on this whole weight loss kick and would love to share recipes. I adORE decorating (love me some Pinterest) and am actually in the process of doing two homes in the area and would love to share crafty crafty things along with decor. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and if we want to keep to strictly makeup I can create other blogs no problem and keep this one free of those things =). Thanks for all of your feedback!  Love you guys!!!


Marcela said...

Those colors looked fab!! I'm not that daring yet! haha One day! Great video! :)

Anonymous said...

this looks really cute!! I think the dark blue really brought it all together and made it look a little more sophisticated!! I love the colors of your dress!!:))

Nicki G said...

Love the colors, and as for your question about adding some different content to your blog, I say go for it! Decorating, healthy eating, fun party ideas, they're all things girly, and in my opinion would fit right in with cosmetics.

Unknown said...

I love this color combo and tutorial! It's just neutral enough I might brave it at work one day! I thought this video was so uplifting! And it would be so fun to explore new topics on your blog! I would love some posts on decorating! I'm a newlywed putting together my first home and love being inspired by others creativity!