Makeup Bag To the Rescue!!!

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Wanted to start trying to carry a makeup bag around with me again. Here's hoping it sticks this time. Especially because THIS time I was SO glad I had it when I did!!!! I always get very "honest" remarks from youngsters at school so I though NOT TODAY KIDS!!!! LOL I even had a lady after I was done volunteering and checking out say, "You always look so put together and lovely." Boy was THAT a compliment considering I thought I looked pretty mediocre. What do you have in YOUR makeup bag? What can't you live without? Comment below!


Unknown said...

just stubbled across your blog and I freaking love it! Following you!


Unknown said...

“Congratulations Jen! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”

how to make makeup

Dianna said...

:-) thanks for sharing-- great blog --I will be back---The Party Starter Event sent me by <3

Jen said...

Thanks ladies and welcome! Glad to have you here ; ).