Aha Moments

Do you ever see something or someone and think thoughts like,"Oh I am so glad that's not me, that poor thing. I am so glad I don't fit into that category. How can that person live with such a difficult task? I'm glad I don't have that problem, that I'm not that way." Any of those thoughts ever cross your mind at one time or another? Looking over them they sound arrogant, prideful and maybe a little naive. Ladies, I have had an aha moment in regard to myself and food. When I would hear women that were swayed so heavily by food I felt terrible for them. My heart would break for them and I would just want them to be happy outside of food. On the other hand I was grateful that I didn't have that problem and that I could focus on other areas in my life that needed attention. BOY was I in for a rude awakening today!!! Let's back up jus a touch however to the fitness plan that I told you about. 

The Revolt Fitness Challenge  was introduced to me about a month ago and after getting all my ducks in a row, so to speak, I started full speed into the unknown in early March and am now on week 3. The whole concept is to "revolt" against the before pictures. To walk away from them and make them a thing of the past. I was ALL over that. If you read my last post you'll see why I was so motivated for change. I truly felt that here was not only a plan that was easy for me to follow, it was something that I could do for the rest of my life!!! I love everything that we eat (or at least found a way to like the plain non fat yogurt) and I feel like I have more energy than ever! 
The first week was a detox where we cut sugar and upped the protein like mad. Not a problem for me because I am NOT a sweet eater. I am bad in that I love cooking with butter, mayo, salt, creams etc. The second week our fitness guru Nichole said that we would gain since we would be introducing certain things back into our diet...I still lost! I went from 137 on March 4th to 126 today (March 17th). Because we took out quite a bit of carbs, my body didn't retain as much water weight so most of it was that but I am also losing inches! I have been diligent in working out (took a class this last Saturday that almost killed me LOL) and have enjoyed feeling my clothes become a little more loose. NOW onto the aha moment. 
I love food. I enjoy savoring every bite but I don't over analyse it and I for SURE felt that if I wanted something badly enough I could dismiss a few items from my diet. Then the voice in my head started arguing with me. "You always talk about how badly you want to be fit and wear the clothes you want. Sooooooo you obviously don't want it badly enough to dimiss those things that you eat on a consistent basis." That voice was right! I have NeVeR reached my true potential and I WANT to!!! I had my cheat day on Saturday and went STRAIGHT to the tater tots (after my killer workout that morning). I had a very healthy lunch & splurged on Cafe Rio that night by splitting their amazing sweet pork burrito with my hubby...YUUUUUM!!!!!! All in all, a good cheat day =). Of course the next day was St. Patricks Day which I love since we send the boys off on a leprechaun hunt every year. They wake up to a clue that takes them to various places in the house till they find the pot of gold at the end. We had one of my very best friends and her family staying with us so it made this year's hunt extra special!
the clues they had to follow
They found the pot of "gold"
The spoils of the hunt
Fun hats made by Dad
Look at this handsome guy all ready for church. He makes my heart melt =). After church we headed over to my sister-in-law's house where she had an island FULL of green!   
I have to say that mashed potatoes and guacamole are two of my FAV foods (especially when my hubs makes the mashed potatoes which he DID). Ladies, I realized I AM one of those women that I felt badly for when it came to food. I honestly looked at all of this food with such longing after already having my cheat day and just wanted to cry. I never realized what an emotional attachment I had to food! I had sat there with a protein shake and a cucumber and wanted to dive into the mashed potatoes head first. It altered my mood and I couldn't help but watch people enjoy their food and laugh during their conversations. I was miserable! Is this what dieting is? What it has to be? What my life was going to be like from now on? NO!!!!! What Nichole has taught me is to be kind to my body. Give it the best fuel you can to have a better quality of life. Then to also give yourself a break every week. I have LoVeD all of the food she has for our meals and the options seem endless considering it's a "diet". I have always believed in moderation in all things and I still do. I went up to that "island of food" and took ONE spoonful of mashed potatoes, a dollop of guacamole, three chips for said guac and sat down to enjoy. It was a holiday and I didn't go overboard the day before so I let myself have that moment. Without having learned from Nichole I would have had a MoUnD of potatoes, a heaping helpful of the guac, tons of chips (in all their varieties), at least two of the roast beef sandwiches and some of the veggies as well. I would have had to have been rolled out of there! Armed with this knowledge about myself I came to the realization that I was just as happy with my smaller servings of these beloved items as I would have been dishing them up the "old way". I was for SURE a lot happier afterward =). I will not cheat this week because I know what's in store on Saturday. A killer workout, seeing my weight on the scale and having a few things I've put aside until then. I've found that I can put ANYthing aside knowing I can have some at the end of the week. I don't feel guilty for my small sidetrack on Sunday. On the contrary, it made me more excited for the following week! I have also started incorporating the kids into my clean eating and I am so happy that they are liking the brown rice and wheat pasta. They are liking the salads and all the different healthy toppings they can put on. It makes me feel good knowing that I am making a difference in my life as well as theirs that can affect generations. I feel good and I can't wait to keep moving toward my potential!


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