2013 is off and running and it's dragging me along for the ride!!! I feel like I am CrAzY busy with everything on my plate. I have been given crazy amounts of responsibility (church calling, assistant director for the school play, activities leader), winter sports are starting for the boys, I am working more (yay just did a movie and learned some AWESOME skills!!!) and I just had two weeks back to back where I spoke for a large group and taught about 50 women the following week.....whew! Allow me some spirituality here...I had a thought today that God was not trying to tell me to clear my plate but He was trying to teach me how to deal with all of it on there with grace and beauty. With a smile for everyone I come in contact with and a listening ear. To learn more about servant leadership and how that's the only way. As I was rushing through a quick face and feeling inCREDIBLE guilt for not doing another tutorial I had a thought. Why can't I just do a look quickly, take a pic and post it and just list the products. Obviously I'll do a tutorial if people ask for it but it most cases you ladies can do it just by hearing what I used. You ladies are SMART!!! =D To go along with my post title, here is the first look:
Sure there's a filter since I posted in on Instagram BUT the lighting was awful (yellow, yellow, yellow, grumble, grumble) and I had only a few minutes before needing to be in my youngest son's class to help out =). Here's what I used:
   Loreal True Match Foundation in W3
   Xango Mineralized Powder in Medium
   Urban Decay Bronzer in Toasted
   Ben Nye blusher in Victorian Rose
   NO primer (look at me go right??? LOL)
   Coastal Scents 8 Color Contour Palette (the dark brown in crease & nude on brow bone & lid) 
   Dark brown shadow from CS 88 Palette on brows
   Maybelline mascara (no lashes)
   Laura Mercier Sugar Violet Lip Stain (applied lightly with a lip brush)

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