False Lash Routine {updated}

image from Pinterest
I have one other lash tutorial but you know how things change over time =). This one is solely dedicated to the application of false lashes instead of a mini tutorial withIN another tutorial. It takes practice to master lashes but NOT much!!! You would be surprised how easily it will come to you as you do it often. It now takes me less time to put on my lashes than to perfect a few coats of mascara. 

I also love to use different kinds depending on my mood. You'd laugh if you say the different pairs I have in my bathroom. Do I feel "saucy"? Then I would wear something like these:
I like the separation effect where certain points are longer and thicker. More often than not I opt for romantic and whispy for dates with my hunny like these:
What is YOUR style of lashes??? Where do you get yours if you wear them? Also, this is a terrible picture because photography is not a strong skill of mine but here is the outfit I wore in the video.
Dress: Forever 21
Bow: Forever 21 (almost 3 years ago)
Navy blue cardigan: Forever 21
Navy blue leggings: Forever 21 (are you sensing a pattern LOL?)
Boots: Target.com
Teal knee length socks: Target

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