Book Of the Month? Move OVER!!!

Now let us be clear. I LOVE reading books, I adORE reading books and I dream of the days spent in leisure reading all day long (okay, so maybe that would get tiresome and I would soon feel slothful). I used to go to a book club but instead of talking about the books they would just sit there and gossip (HUGE pet peeve!!!) so I would leave dejected and disappointed. Not to mention I had an enORMOUS amount of fabulous things to say about the book bursting in my head with no outlet. Grrr, but I digress. Another fabulous find in my issue of Allure was the fact that they have Beauty By Mail Clubs. Did you HEAR that????? You can pay a monthly subscription (about $10-$15) and receive monthly goodies by mail!!! They say that some samples are not even samples at all but FULL SIZE gems. And who doesn't love a surprise? I love it!!! I do!!! Pick ME!!!! Here are a few of the sites you can go to to get started on receiving beauty kits at your door. Now notice that these are not just specific to makeup. They have perfumes, lotions, polish, brushes even!!!! Are you going to sign up with me? Which one will you choose?
Beauty Bar
Glossy Box


Théodora said...

Hi !
I just ordered mine today, we also have these kind of boxes in Belgium.
I can't wait to receive it.
I hope you'll enjoy yours !

Have a wonderful new year !

Becky said...

What! How did you not know about these?? I loooove trying out products and this is awesome for me. I have used Birchbox for foreeeever. Some months are better than others but you get to review each item. One review = 10 points, 100 points = 10 bucks to spend at their birchbox online store. And there is usually free shipping on the items that are featured that month.. You get an average of $5 worth of points each month so really, even a disappointing box is worth $5. I have a referral code if you want it!

Becky said...

I have done Glossybox four times.. Canceled and rejoined and canceled again. $20 is a lot for a monthly box since I have a few haha Their customer service sucks. You get higher end items here and and larger sizes.. The boxes are very well made and I keep them for storage/organizing.

Becky said...

(Sorry for multiple posts, when I backspace on my iPad it keeps me from writing more.. Never had that happen before, so strange). Sample Society is $15 and more skincare focused and sophisticated. The sample sizes are true deluxe (like .25oz size) so you can use it many times.. You won't find bright cosmetics/polish here. I had this two months, was swimming in skincare and canceled. Their customer service is great.

Ipsy.com is if you want the brighter stuff and well worth $10 a month. I tried them when they first opened and canceled after.. They really listened to their customers and have improved their bags, I joined again a few months ago. Where the other subscriptions are surprises, they post spoiler pictures on their Facebook and you get a makeup bag every month as well. They do more cosmetics than skincare.

Becky said...

I have found some amazing products that I never would have tried through these sample programs plus I looove getting a cute package in the mail just for me! Sure I could spend $20 on something but the chance to try 8-10 products every month is just too much fun. Huge fan! Let me know if you have any questions!

The Nowell's said...

I have heard of a few of these and have wanted to do it...but just not sure which one is the best. I love the reviews the other poster made - but still not sure which to sign up for...which one are you going to sign up for?

Becky said...

My last birchbox included a full size ModelCo gloss, Benefit eye cream (tiny pot, so cute), two foil packets of a hair protector which I surprisingly like, a perfume sample (you get one pretty much every month) and the lifestyle extra was a chocolate covered holiday fortune cookie. Mmmm there are about thirty box variations and they repeat some products the following months but you never get the same item again. Reviewing those five products gave me $5 towards buying a full size product (in $10 increments). If you are super picky then you might be disappointed or if there are some things you have zero interest in (hair, etc). I have found new favorite products because of this subscription.

You do have to request an invite for this bag (most bags/subscriptions actually) which can take a bit, as a heads up.

Becky said...

You can google to see the different subscriptions or even look on Instagram. They are all good companies.

Jen said...

Becky you are amAZING!!!! Thank you for so much information. I think after reading all of your comments the one I will sign up for is Ipsy!!! I'm so excited to start =).