Sigma's Best Products of 2012

How much do I love Sigma? Kind of a lot since they offer quality brushes at a great price! This was a post I though a lot of you might be interested in...I know I was!!! Here are Sigma's...
Best NEW products of 2012!


Earlier this week we revealed the overall most popular Sigma products based on customer purchases in 2012 and briefly talked about why they each made it to the top 10 list. Today we’re taking it one step further and unveiling the best-selling new products from the past year. Check it out:

  1. Defining Eyes Palette by TiffanyD {limited edition!} – Recently launched in late November, this palette has been a top-seller ever since due to its versatility to create both every day, neutral looks as well as sultry, dramatic ones. The Defining Eyes Palette is essentially an all-in-one kit for the best eye enhancing tricks and looks. No wonder it’s so popular!
  2. Performance Eyes Kit – A kit unlike any other, this one was designed specifically for advanced and detailed makeup artistry. Thanks to each of the eight brushes’ specific use for producing the most intricate of eye designs, you can add depth to your crease or create a perfect cat eye, and everything in-between. Talk about pristine performance!
  3. Paris Makeup Palette {limited edition!} – An exclusive palette that boasts several unique and vibrant shades – all of which were created from inspiration taken by some of YouTube’s top beauty gurus amongst the most famous monuments in Paris. Discover this City of Lights-inspired palette while you still can!
  4. F88 & P88 brushes – These latest additions to the Sigmax collection have surely made a name for themselves on the best-sellers list. The distinct angle of the brush allows for the most precise application of foundation and concealer in hard-to-reach areas of the face. Essential tools to achieving that flawless finish!
  5. Beauty Expert - Brow Design Kit – Our exclusive and convenient brow kit contains all of the arching, shaping and grooming tools you need to achieve beautiful and defined brows. Just the thing to make perfect brows an essential (and easy) part of your every day beauty ritual!

What was your favorite new Sigma product from 2012?


Unknown said...

I've been blogstalking you for a while (wow, way to look like a stalker!) I am so grateful for your posts and tutorials! I saw that you did a drugstore tutorial back on 2010, and was wondering if you could do an updated tutorial on that? Maybe if you have some favorite drugstore products that you use? Thanks so much!!

Jen said...

Michelle what a great idea!!! I do have more from the drugstore that I love. LOL I'm sure you're a very nice blog stalker ; D.

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