I haven't had a lot of time with my crazy busy schedule (and sickness) as of late to do any Halloween tutorials much less our annual Halloween contest so sadly we will have to skip that this year (BOO!) lol get it? bad joke AnYwAy!!! I wanted to leave you with some inspiring last minute ideas on what you could be for Halloween. I STILL have yet to put my costume together and STILL can't believe it's on WEDNESDAY!!!!! Some of my most favorite transformation videos come from a girl named Promise. Here is a great Maleficent!

Her Sally the Rag Doll is SO much better than mine! I was amazed at how she thought outside of the box when making another set of eyes!!!

Though she is a bit unconventional (singing longer than normal in a video) Kandee has an infectious gift to make others happy and to inspire others to reach their potential. Here she is doing Tinkerbell.

Here are some still shots of other fun costumes for you and your family =)
 How darling is this? I LOVE the photography and filter!!!!!
A little Dobby!
 What baby is complete without rolls for days? Put them to their chubbiest potential =D.
Perfect for those smooshies just learning to walk.
 I've put this one up before and I still love it just as much!
 Now for YOU, stitches and couture gore
Talk about making your eyes look HUGE!!! Grab some creepy contacts and whatever colors you love.
 Super easy, inexpensive and very recognizable =).
This is pretty stinkin fantastic! Very doable!!!
 I seriously was rolling over laughing after seeing this. How creative!!!!!
 Love that this is skeleton, Halloween meets glamour girl. Impress guys with your art and beauty.
Martha strikes again. Very haunting and feminine.
Fun for the whole family and very easy to do!
Doesn't he look smart? ; D


my said...

Very nice transformation with their hollowness makeups! Looks like real! http://howto-applyeyeliner.com

Marija said...

Love the little kids outfits, so cute!


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