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You guys hear from me all the time telling you what I love and what I don't. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. My favorites might not be your favorites. Well Susie is a recent follower of the blog and she was kind enough to share with me her favorites right now. So take it away Suz and tell us what you love and why! =)
 1) The Jergens cream is really super similar to the Ponds cold cream, just a TON cheaper (can you hear my wallet cheering!).  It completely melts all my make up off without irritating my skin.  Does a darn good job of getting eye makeup off!  My sister turned me onto it when she did theater in high school.  2) Prescriptives super line preventer extreme.  CraZy expensive ($80- I checked) but again- doesnt irritate my skin at all.  My skin never seemed to get over being super sensitive after my little Lily Claire was born.  I should add that I've never actually bought this- when Prescriptives went out of business a few years ago (before they started selling online only) my mom bought every. single, bottle. she could find in the Birmingham area.  I've just opened my second to last bottle.  A little goes a long way. 3) Oil of Olay daily moisturizer for oily skin SPF 15.  I've used this for years.  if it 'aint broke don't fix it!!!
The second picture was a steal at CVS.  Wet-n-Wild was buy one get one free a the time.  After applying extra bucks, I got all four of these for $1.38 AFTER tax!!!
This was my birthday haul.  LoVe the Naked Palette.  Definitely going to take some practice with the darker colors.  The UDPP totally rocks!!  NARS blush in orgasm (can't stand the name but oh well).  With my fair skin and auburn hair I was very please with the blush once I applied it.  The other tube is a mattifying face primer by Korres.  Good stuff! The Revlon Colorstay powder kind of snuck in.  I do have to say that it does a great job at helping to keep shine at bay.
Thanks Susie!!! There are a few items there that I haven't tried and now am excited to go out shopping LOL!!! Susie first wrote to me asking what I would buy from Sephora with a gift card. I probably sent too many things but, hey, a girl wants what a girl wants right??? =) Sifting through my suggestions these items pictured above are the gems she came home with. Will they make her fav list??? Only time will tell =D.
Do YOU have a fav list that everyone needs to know about??? Send it to dollcosmetics@gmail.com and you too can be featured here on Classy. Can't wait to hear what you can't live without!!! Check out this great stocking stuffer below as well!!!


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