Be Bold With Brows

Stepping a little out of our comfort zone can be scary but it can also prove to be wonderful! This look is a little outside of the box for me as an actual wearable look. It is meant to be just that, a look. Not something to be done everyday but more like a new outfit or a hair-do change. Look to the runways to find bold brows and daring looks and you may see a brow like this one. I liken it unto the look Tyra refers to as "ugly pretty". With that in mind...enjoy!
Jennifer Connelly has had these amazing brows her whole life/career. Who remembers her from Labyrinth or the Rocketeer?
This is a TERRIBLE picture!!! Her head seems very bulbous from the screen shot someone took of her but I can't find her rocking these brows from the same show anywhere else.
 Back to normal...not bold but very beautiful.
Lily looking lovely
Elizabeth Taylor rocking the power brow
 Estee Lauder model Hilary Rhoda
the difference is HUGE!!!
Beautiful with long lashes

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