Giveaway Winner!!!

Kevin and I sat down (now that we are both healthy LOL) and went through all of the pictures sent in and Kevin was very vocal about which one he wanted to do. I was surprised at how quickly he chose it and how he kept going back to the same picture (giggle). So without further ado here is the winning picture:
Sent in by Stacey. Congrats! =D You are the winner of the Sigma F80 Foundation Brush!!!! There were some very beautiful pictures sent in that I loved and I am going to be doing some of them for SURE!!! I loved all the smokey eyes sent in and the character makeup as well. Some of the natural eyes were simply stunning! =) Thank you to all that sent in pictures and be looking for our 1000+ giveaway coming soon!!! Stacey can you send me your information where you would like your brush sent? Thanks again ladies!

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Corey said...

I pinned this with a link to your name asking you to do a tutorial AGES ago!